Who hosted SNL last night (March 6, 2010) ?

Bearded guy with a Greek sounding last name. I have never heard of him and have no idea who he is or what his claim to fame is. Unless I missed it, he didn’t plug anything during the monologue.

FWIW, I thought the opening was pretty funny. The skit with Katy Lee and Hoda was funny too.

The musical guests seemed competent enough but not something I’d listen too.

Zach Galifianakis. He has been a sort of known comedian for a while and had some bit parts in teen-comedy type movies but his current popularity is based a lot on his (starring? co-starring?) role in *The Hangover *.

Zach Galifianakis.

He’s been around for a while, most notably in The Hangover from last year.

Crap…I saw the Hangover not long ago! Didn’t recognize him for some reason. He was the brides weird brother, right?

Did he shave during the show? Because in that last skit, he only had a mustache.

He was the weird brother from the Hangover.

He did shave in the middle of the show.

I did mean to watch the show but I forgot. Thank goodness for the Internet!

I like him, but he’s quirky rather than hilarious. Is he really that popular?

Covered it with latex sheet. You could see the edges.

Seth Meyers, on his Twitter (@sethmeyers21), said that he shaved:

He seriously shaved it? Should I be surprised? I only know him from The Hangover and a couple other things, but it seems like the beard is a trademark.

His monologue at the beginning was hilarious and the bidet skit was very funny as well.

Here’s proof that he did indeed shave it and wear a fake beard later.

I think that might be part of why he did it. It was definitely a “shock factor” since his beard has been his trademark since…well since I first saw him perform years ago when he was still a complete unknown. Losing his beard really did change his look and made him that much more versatile as a comedic actor as opposed to purely a comedian.

My guess is we will see him more in different kind of character roles instead of what he has done so far which is basically played the same character (or himself) in everything that he has done.

I had a friend in high school who grew out his hair for all four years. For graduation. he had decided he was going to get it shaved off, wear a wig, and then throw it up with his graduation cap. Unfortunately, he could not find a wig that looked like his hair for the price he was willing to spend (which was basically nothing.) He wound up buzzing it off, bleaching it a yellow blonde-color, all except for three patches. He left a smiley face on his head.

He also said he went to Walmart late the night before, started whistling and modifying the display prices of goods.

In other words, it would have been cool if Galifianakis had torn his fake beard off at the end.

Those of us with little kids know Zach from “G-Force,” in which he’s the leader of a team of secret agent rodents. (I’ve only seen it, oh, 3 or 4 trillion times, now.)

I knew him from “Tru Calling”, but he is obviously much better than that.

I did not watch this particular show, but I must comment that I so look forward to Fred Armison’s David Paterson. It so rocks. That is all.