Who Invented Crack?

Not that the person should recieve a patent…

Watched a “Frontline” on the drug war and they stated that crack first appeared in 1983 in the Bahamas. True? If so, is there any particular person who actually deserves the credit/blame? Is “freebase” essentially crack?

Dunno if a specific person invented it. Crack is essentially very potent, smokable cocaine. I believe freebasing refers to melting a substance and injecting it, such as with heroin.

Actually, I think freebasing refers to actually smoking powder cocaine. Crack is “rocked up” with something (baking soda?) and is a little bit different.

I have no idea who cooked up the first rocks, but it’s surprising that it didn’t happen sooner, since it’s such a simple procedure.

I did. Why?

Who invented crack? The plumber who visited my house last week, apparently. Yikes.

Plumberbutt is also a common ailment among computer professionals. Please don’t mock us.


I don’t know if they have the information you’re looking for, but you could try the Crack Aficionado.

Crack is essentially cocaine made smokeable by freeing the codeine alkaloid (the chemical that mimics dopamine, a neurotransmitter) from the unimportant junk by combining it with baking soda. Something about the baking soda (probably it’s alkaline nature) bonds with that chemical and makes it more soluble to the mucus membraine.

Freebasing is similar in that the alkaloid is freed from the unimportant junk and made more potent. Only difference is freebasing involves mixing the cocaine with ether, a flammable solvent (remember when Richard Pryer lit himself on fire?) and, yes, it think they inject it. Fun.

Crack is one form of freebase cocaine. It manufacture uses the baking soda method; however, the baking soda does not combine with the cocaine, rather, it causes it to precipitate out of solution in a much more potent, crystalline form which has a much lower melting point. This is why is is easier to smoke than powder cocaine. There is no codeine in cocaine or crack or freebase.

The other method uses ammonia and ether to accomplish the same result. However, nobody (not even Richard Pryor)injects the ether solution. The ether is allowed to evaporate, leaving behind a smokable crystal. This is what is so dangerous; ether fumes can ignite & explode from a flame source many feet away.

They heat solutions containing ether?! :eek: Is this why crack houses burn down so frequently?

I can’t believe this hasn’t been Leary-hijacked yet. He says there was a guy walking around New York City in 1985 that cocaine just wasn’t good enough for. This guy thinks, “You know, that cocaine’s pretty good, but I want something that makes my heart explode as soon as I smoke it, ok? I want to take one suck off that crack pipe and go snort splat Now I’m happy! I’m dead, the ultimate high!”

The CIA of course. Ya know, to give out to blacks. Doesn’t everyone know that?

Well, you can always try it in my favorite form, virtual!

The link didn’t work, but once i figured it out, it cracked me up.

Try this: www.virtualcrack.com

Thanks, Meephead.

Might I ask that we cease the discussion on how to manufacture crack? Admittedly, the main ingredient is itself illegal, but it’s still not a good idea to get that information out.

Powered cocaine of the common sniffing variety is technically cocaine hydrochloride- an organic salt that’s the result of the process whereby cocaine is extracted from the raw coca leaf. Lots of pharmacutical compounds are hydrochloride salts of the organic base because it’s easier to work with chemically and I believe more stable.

Cooking powered cocaine with baking soda stips the chloride ion off the base compound, leaving the pure base that as noted earlier is much easier to smoke than the powder. And no, I have no idea who first came up with the idea. Considering that cocaine has been abused since the late 19th century, I’m surprised it took so long.

I think you’re thinking of meth labs. Usually, crack houses are only burnt down by local vigilantes.

Who invented crack?

From my understanding, and what was pointed out on a drug documentary, the Americans did. The DEA had problems understanding the influx of crack for a time because of this and because they could find no central distributor, like with coke, because there is none. It turns out that dealers make it themselves and sell it.