Who is Alex Jones?

Just saw a video of him having a close encounter with Marco Rubio.

Until then I had never heard of him. I know, I don’t get out much. I had to read wiki to get some history.

I like to read the comments after the news items. One said, “A product of their own. And now, like an unwanted child, they turn their back on their creation”. The commenter was referring to the GOP. Is this accurate?

Although not a fan of Rubio, he kept his cool when dealing with this jerk.

Here is the link


Rationalwikihas a good article on him.

You lucky, lucky person.

Who is Mike Jones?!

ETA: oops, wrong Jones.

He’s a truly evil person. Google “Alex Jones Sandy Hook”. He’s scum for cash.

So…our next POTUS then. Could be interesting.

Don’t give him any ideas.

He makes Rush Limburger sound intelligent.

Jones’ online channel, Info Wars, was taken off You Tube a couple weeks ago, which says a lot.

I believe John Oliver has the definitive explanation of Alex Jones.
At the start of this piece, I promised Alex Jones that I would put his statements in context, because he is right, that if you play small clips in isolation he looks like a loon. But if you play them in context, he looks like a skilled salesman spending hours a day frightening you about problems like ‘refugees spreading disease’ and then selling you an answer.

Jones’ lawyer in a bitter custody dispute, maintains that the InfoWars persona is just a performance, but the jury didn’t buy it, or at least accept the notion that Jones’ real world persona was a stable individual fit to be the custodial parent.


Hey, Rush is very inteligent, just ask him.

I’m at the stage where all I expect from my senior elected officials is entertainment. I’ve long since abandoned all hope of seeing effective leadership, thoughtful decisions made for the betterment of society or effective, long term investment in our future. As a people, we have two choices, either we find a way to depolarize our fractured, extremist political environment and embrace the moderates. Or, we find another bat-crap crazy attention whore, give him the nuclear codes and enjoy the show.

I don’t like the odds.