Who is Ann Coulter?

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Not sure which thread this belongs in - I’m looking for some background/bio on a political columnist, but this could end up anywhere, most likely the Pit
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Who is this woman? I see her column on townhall.com, I place I visit when I’m feeling my blood pressure is too low. But really, she’s so far to the right she makes Rush look like Lenin. I’m curious as to her background, I guess in the way you might be interested in the cause of ALS or pancreatic cancer. Where’d she come from? How’d she end up with a column, and why does townhall list her? I mean, yeah they’re conservative, but listing her’s like the DNC putting a link to PETA and the ELF on their home page. Not smart. What made me post this was here recent column titled “National Organization for Worms” in which she says, as nearly as I can tell with a perfectly straight face, “This is what happens when you allow women to think about public policy.” I’d think writing a published political column was “thinking about public policy”, and she certainly looks like a woman, and Ann is a pretty rare name for guys. I dunno, maybe she’s transgendered, but I doubt it.

Read about her here


She’s an attorney and political commentator. She’s conservative as you can tell by the link. She doesn’t like Bill Clinton very much, to put it mildly.

I’ve always found her columns to be well reasoned and articulate. Refreshing! I think Fox news has her on as guest commentator from time to time.

When I saw her speaking on C-SPAN, she sounded pretty rabid.
From what I understand, she’s not all THAT well-respected, since she seems to have permanent knee-jerk syndrome.

I’m a big liberal, but I’ll tell you, if you want to look at a conservative I admire, Ariana Huffington is MUCH much better.

IF there is such a thing as a Compassionate Conservative, Ariana is it.

I flirted with her extensively at a Halloween party here in NYC when she was in law school or a newbie lawyer – in short, a nobody. (It goes without saying that I continue to remain a nobody.) She was dressed as a Biker Chick and I was Global Warming (don’t ask). I asked her to dinner the next day but she declined. I moved on.

Fast forward 10+ years. I’m watching Politically Incorrect on TV and she gets introduced. Some cell deep in my brain pops awake. Ann Coulter? Ann Coulter? Where have I heard the name Ann Coulter before? The cell starts waking up other sleepy cells and asking around. Then it hits on me – she was the lanky babe from the Halloween party!

All in all, a lame story, I know. But it’s one of the few “I knew her when…” tales I got.

i saw her on geraldo discussing clinton (who i hate) and she made an ass out of herself trying to be shocking and pushing the envelope about what you could say on tv (something along the lines of “jerking off in the oval office”)
one of the other guests put her in her place and made her out to look like the adolescent she is
stuyguy, i hope you were shit faced when you flirted with her because although she is fairly physically attractive, her personality makes her ugly and ridiculous
thats who she is-she is the one regular on those talk shows who i really can’t stand

and i forgot to add that i agree with Guinastasia that arianna huffington is great! and im fairly liberal too
her ex is the only republican i ever voted for when he ran for congress here in california-of course the idiot then ran for the senate and lost his money
id vote for arriana-i saw her stand up to some ultra liberal women who could only attack her accent and not her politics-she made them look very bad

If you want to know what kind of person she is, or just want to jack up your blood pressure again, this should be just fine.

Well, she’s on the Liberals are Evil or Stupid or Both track in every column, but as for the issue under discussion - whoops, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.

I’m very liberal, but I’m also the proud owner of the S&W .40 cal and a H&R bolt-action 16 gauge. One thing I’m not, is a hypocrite.

In fact, I’m sort of at a loss as how gun ownership as a political isuue ended up the way it did - generally with Democrats/Liberals support gun control and Republicans/Conservatives opposed. The 2nd amendment is explicit enough, unless you want to chop up clear English to support an agenda. See Cecil’s column … well he USED to have a column on this. PC at the straight dope? Surely not! I can’t find it even with the search engine.

Anyhow, I’ve always interpreted the second just like the first, fouth and sixth, all of which concern individual rights. And I take ALL my rights very seriously.

One thing about her is that she writes extremely well. In her book High Crimes and Misdemeanors, which is, of course, about our most recent ex-prez, she actually managed to articulate just what the big deal was about Whitewater and why a failed land deal was deemed corrupt enough to merit the appointment of an independent prosecutor.

I’ve never seen her on TV, but at least this book of hers was very well-presented and extensively footnoted.

Reading the column, I honestly have not a damn clue what you’re talking about. Nothing in Coulter’s column even suggests this.

I’m no conservative, either - I’m as flat-out centrist as they come. But your assessment here is just completely out of left field.

Without going into details, which would make this too GDish, you’d have to hear her speak. The time I did, her vocabulary was laced with phrases suggesting the Clintons were a tad to the left of Lenin himself, name calling, in a very rabid, bitter nasty tone.

Good point. The reasons I chose that particular article are threefold.

  1. It’s the first article of hers I ever read, so it was the first to spring to mind.
  2. While she’s always rather blunt about the evil/stupid thing, that particular article puts “Are liberals evil or just stupid?” in the subtitle, making it even more brazen than usual.
  3. While there is the seed of a good argument within, starting off with

is perhaps the worst possible way to make it. Telling the people that disagree with her, the very people who you’d think she wants to bring around to her side of the debate, that they’re evil (or, if not, the only other logical option is that they must be stupid) isn’t going to get anyone to think, “Hey, she might have a point here.” She’s hurting her own ‘team’.

It’s still there.
What does “the right to bear arms” really mean?

She’s a vocal ultra-conservative anti-feminist fundamentalist christian with a vicious anti-Clinton streak. I’ve seen her on Politically Incorrect, and while she is mildly cute in a lanky sort of way, I really don’t think she’s all that attractive, and then throw in her attitude and beliefs…

She is (or at least was) the spokesperson for some conservative political group I don’t recall the title of.

Did anyone else find this as hilarious as I did? First he slams her for being ‘anti-feminist’, then goes on to describe her as 'mildly cute in a lanky sort of way, I really don’t think she’s all that attractive…"

Hypocrite, heal thyself.

I’d just like to state for the record that I as a feminist found nothing wrong whatsoever with Irishman’s post.

Carry on.

I can never understand why these ultraconservative women don’t stay home where they belong. Politics and legal debates are not the venue of the traditional woman and their very presence in the public eye shows the hypocrisy.

I think this one is pretty much asked and answered.