Who is Captain America?

I recently took in an article of Cecil’s regarding the elusive puppet Vespucci Amerigo. It occurred to me that the wrong answers were given because the wrong questions were asked. If someone asked me what Amerigo meant, I’d probably tell them it’s translation is ‘the Federal Reserve’. Although, back then I believe it was called the Medici Bank of Europe. Columbus was a spice trader and at the time all roads to China and Japan were blocked and taxed by the Italians. Christopher’s trips were funded by Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain,who borrowed credit from the Federal Reserve(Medici Bank). All of these people were puppeteered by the ethical mastermind Lorenzo de’ Medici and his family. He sent Vespucci Amerigo to Spain to silently oversee and fund loudmouth Christopher Columbum’s journey to America ensuring their stake in the New World(Order). The Romans and Greeks knew the world was round a long time before Columbus had existed, hence the various sculptures of Atlas dating back as far as 150 a.d. The 2nd generation Titan that held the world on his shoulders as punishment for attacking the gods. They also believed of great serpents and sea monsters that would devour them whole if they were to cross the vast mysterious ocean. So they sent Christopher Columbum to do it, he died alone in rags shortly after. Socrates is perhaps the first of western culture to establish that the world was round, he did this through astronomy, other ancient cultures were known for this as well. Christopher Columbus did it for gold, to find a route around the world to spice island(Japan)that was not blocked by the bank, yet he was unknowingly being funded by them. The Medici’s,Templars, Mesons and their ancestors never do things for money, however, they do enjoy it’s company(Come up with a positive goal that affects more people than yourself. Accomplish it, and you’ll find money hanging around you more as well). Their only goal has always been a unified globe controlled by ethics. It wasn’t money he had found for them, but a new land of opportunity. A place to bring all religions, cultures and creeds under one roof, and to peacefully controlled the governed house by ethics. These rich, powerful people have never hidden from anyone, but have always run away from masses of ignorance and failed religious ethical inventions. It’s pretty plain to see that Jesus was only the catapult for the most powerful mental tool created to date, the ROMAN Catholic church. When ethics were discovered in the catholic church by the ignorant yet well meaning Girolamo Savonarola(around 1490) a supposed curse was laid across the land. In 1492, six months before Columbus sailed and fifteen years after his brother Giuliano(Pazzi conspiracy)had been slain Lorenzo Medici mysteriously died in his bed due to either the curse or a blessing(people still argue about which one happened)while lightning struck the tower of a nearby church at the exact moment of his demise. Give me a break, he saw what was coming and disappeared,the banks had crashed due to credit defaults and toxic assets(sound familiar?). He packed up his family’s wealth and knowledge and left for the new continent, probably stowawayed on a ship that he funded through Isabella and Amerigo for Christopher Columbus(Circumstantial evidence). Thank God he did, without ethics the world would be full of lazy worthless people looking for someone to save them from themselves. Leading to a worldwide wave of ignorance that would put our minds back to day one as humans. Last time I checked, you wouldn’t want me to come in your cave with a bat and drag your daughter out of it by the hair. Quit depending on God, your Father and your Mother and whomever you believe created you. God doesn’t get off on worship, people do. Your codes of thought called religion are what separate people, countries and cultures from each other and God. Why would God want to be around a mass group of people that he/she/they can’t even talk to because that particular mass is always begging for forgiveness, blessings and promises of paradise. No religion or non religion is excluded from this. Forgive yourself or don’t act in such a way that you feel the need for forgiveness, bless others and you will be blessed, find your own personal paradises through life experiences and most importantly, create yourself. These are all indirectly fundamental rules of ethics, if you don’t know anything about ethics you should stop being ignorant and learn about them now. I’m not calling anyone stupid, just stop being ignorant. Besides, I’m sure we’re not getting off this rock and sent back to any paradise until we all agree on a mutual peace as a family. Lorenzo de’ Medici understood this and so does his family who still rule the free world, do you? Shouldn’t we take their knowledge and ethical premise as a blessing? In return, shouldn’t the enlightened share this with everyone? -ECB+

Good point.

The Enter key is your friend.

So is lithium.

But, anyway, Steve Rogers is Captain America, as everyone knows. I’m sure somebody will come along and say Bucky Barnes, but that’s a filthy lie.

I am Spartacus.


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