Who Is CF Frost? I knew him

And he went by Charlie not Chuck.

Charlie Frost was an account exec on the AmEx account at O&M as you state (great that you found that out!). During the years I knew him (mid-late 1970s), Charlie would often come to our graphic arts studio on East 47th Street – a few blocks east of O&M’s headquarters at the time – to check on a job we’d be doing for his group. I remember him being a very down to earth, gregarious guy.

Our studio made 35mm slides and other presentation materials and O&M was one of our best clients along with a number of other ad agencies of the day (think Y&R, JWT, BBD&O, RS&L, Ammirati + Puris, etc).

On occasion Charlie’s wife (Barbara? I can’t quite recall darnit) would freelance as a typist for us. They were both really nice people. Barbara was quite a bit taller than Charlie BTW!

Thanks for the memory!:slight_smile:

ETA: Link to column: http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/171/who-is-c-f-frost-whose-name-appears-on-sample-american-express-cards

Yeah, that’s him!

I worked with some of the great advertising agencies of the time and, in retrospect, it was loads of fun.