Who Is Elijah Wood's Agent?

The Steve and DC Morning Radio Show is having a “Who Do You Know Contest?” The idea is to convince a celebrity to call the show on your behalf. Whoever has the best celebrity call wins $1000 and a free trip on the next annual Steve & DC cruise.

I’ve decided to try to convince Elijah Wood to call the show for me. It’s worth a shot! Anybody know of an on-line reference of Hollywood agents and who their clients are? I tried Googling “Elijah Wood agent” and it gave me about half a million fan sites.


Nicole David C/O William Morris Agency
151 El Camino Drive
Beverly Hills CA 90212

Sorry, I hit post on this before I was finished. Go to IMDB and punch in the actor’s name. After searching, one of the menu options at left is “Agent”. I actually found Elijah’s information elsehwere, so there is a minor discrepancy between my spelling and the one found at IMDB.