Who is Goldfarb talking about?!?

McCain spokesperson Mike Goldfarb was on CNN recently talking with Rick Sanchez. During the interview, he (Goldfarb) makes the insinuation that it’s well known that Obama hangs around with anti-Semites and terrorists. When Sanchez presses him on the accusation, asking him to name just one other person who could be considered anti-Semite (other than Khalidi), and Goldfarb just sits there and says, “You know who I’m talking about…”


Video here: YouTube link

Okay, perhaps I’m not as plugged in as everyone else, but who the heck was Goldfarb talking about?!? Why didn’t he just come out and say it? Grr! I just wanted to smack his face!

Anyone actually know who this scurrilous anti-Semite was that Goldfarb was insinuating we all know about?

I think you know who we’re talking about here jkusters

<sits with smug look on my face>

…which is why I opened this one in the Pit.


Cause there ain’t no way you di’int deserve that!


Yeah. Totally. I used to work out with him.

WAG … it is a reference to Wright or Farrakhan?

I didn’t know that Obama palled around with Farrakhan, who could justifiably be called anti-Semitic. But while Wright praised Farrakhan for various things, I didn’t get the feeling that Wright himself was anti-Semitic. Is he?

If either is the case, if either was the “one” to whom Goldfarb was referring, why didn’t he just say it? Frustrating!

McCain has imposed a moratorium on all things Wright, so they’re only allowed to refer to him hyperbolically.

Well, if that’s the case, he’s doing his campaign any favors if his spokespeople have to sit there looking like f*cktards by not actually answering the question and instead insinuating we all know the answer.

I think the logic is that they are good friends because they’re both black.

Ugh. That’s even more reprehensible to me.

That is just what that stupid motherfucker hoped people would do, make wild ass guesses. Good job, you fell for it.

Seriously, we all know who he is.

I think he used to date my sister.

Oh, I know who he’s talking about all right.

And if you only knew what I know about him…Well you’d be quakin’ in your boots, man. Let’s just say you better vote for McCain, you know?

Ah, never mind not as funny as I thought. See this thread for details on what he’s saying: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=490255 and why.

I’m not sure you’re right. Sanchez said, “Other than Khalidi…”, so that base is covered. The McCain spokesperson was alluding there was someone else that we all knew.

It’s right on the tip of my tongue! It’s…


So the McCain campaign has turned into a bitchy ex-girlfriend?

“So what’s bothering you?”
“If you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you.”

What in the blue hell… that guy is a McCain Campaign National Spokesman? How many resumes did they read before hiring him. He looks and sounds like an asshole frat punk. He’s supposed to be a professional spokeman?


I’m thinkin’ Rev Jessie Jackson of hymietown, myself. After all, they’re both black, right?

(do I need to include the :rolleyes:?)