Who is more likely to take over the world, Islamist groups or globalist communist types?

I’ve seen some goals of powerful globalists and I’ve seen the way Islamists have their tentacles in much of U.S. media and schools, and these two groups kind of help each other along. But at some point their goals will be incompatible. So which group should I start following along with now to be spared as a lowly henchman down the line?

The Mormons.


But only because they dress so spiffy.

And where exactly have you seen this?

Oh, just here and there. Well, I find out most from frontpagemag.com . The Islamists are financed by wealthy Muslim rulers who didn’t get wealth by doing anything admirable but from their oil. They hate freedom and they use a lot of this money to infiltrate our legal system and such. It’s not really that they’re so smart and dedicated (though they kind of are) but they could be easily defeated if most people lived by reason and had a passion to learn truth. So I kind of look forward to the day they rule, then all the lazy people who didn’t cherish freedom will get their comeuppance!

I just love it when they start talking about hating freedom.

Hey, I hate pastrami and have had my agents secretly infiltrating delis for decades now. Any moment now, we’ll be ready to destroy the pastrami empire from within.

Surely you don’t hate *free *pastrami, though?

Most globalists to-day (like me) aren’t Reds but neo-liberal capitalists. As for your question communism is pretty much a spent force while Islamists won’t be taking over anywhere outside of Islamic areas considering that they are quite divided amongst themselves and are quite primitive technologically.

And you are quite sure they never did anything admirable-like other wealthy rulers, who love freedom and would use oil only for very good and admirable things? :eek:

You seem like a well-meaning globalist. I’m talking about the kind that are in the Club Of Rome and want to create a new religion based on love of the earth and merge all the countries of earth into 10 different regions. Maybe I just used the wrong term.
As for Islam, they may get their unity if they can get their caliphate back. There will always be people you can’t please but they may be able to get the majority of Muslims behind them. I can’t worship both earth and Allah though so I’m just stumped on whose side to join. Also they may lack in technology, but that is why they helped Barack Obama to become president of USA. They can’t win with weapons right now, but they know how to corrupt our entire society so that our wealth is transferred to the 3rd world via carbon credits and more, and our technologies leaked to everyone and their uncle. They probably learned some tricks from the Russians who’ve been gaming USA for a long time and who would like the price of oil to go up from a transforming and unpredictable middle east.

Besides, who needs advanced technology when you have a religion that believes dying while killing your enemies is the path to eternal paradise? Or who can obtain nukes and believes that a world in war is the only way to bring back the Final Mahdi? I think you’ve helped me to realize now that it will be Islam that rules unless the earth-worshipping communists underestimate them.

I wanted to get wealthy by doing something admirable . . . but I get sea sick!

CMC fnord!

As opposed to a religion like Christianity that believes that the way to bring back the Messiah is global apocalypse? A religion that holds that ending the world is desirable? And plenty of Christians and others have believed that killing their enemies was a religious duty and sent them to paradise.

Just in case anyone is interested, here’s frontpagemag.com. Seems like a pretty fair* website to me.

*and balanced.

This could be an interesting discussion in another thread but I’m not eager to start it until I get reports of Christianists doing mass killings or that each time someone makes a Pisschrist art exhibit or whenever a movie character says "Jes fucking Ch* or burns a Bible a violent riot is started. Look, Christians are mellowed out. But when it comes to Islam, listen and understand. Jihad is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until all infidels are killed.

Some have; but what really happened is Western governments got powerful enough to restrain their own fanatics. There’s plenty of Christians who would quite cheerfully mass murder everyone they disagree with; the government simply keeps them from doing so, at least when they think they’ll get caught. And I’m far more likely to run into one of them than I am to run across an Islamic fanatic.

If you’re going to plagiarize movie dialog, you should try to be a bit less obvious about it.

Hahaha. Good eye. :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep thinking “Poe’s Law” with every post by the OP.