who is on what Olympic team

my question is: how many u.s. citizens are competing on non-u.s.a. Olympic teams?

From here.

The article does explain how this is possible.

Presumably they hold dual citizenship.

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Well, you could read the article and find out this is not necessarily the case.:wink:

Ok, dual nationality.

Speaking specifically of Giovanni Lanaro, he may very well be a Mexican citizen, as the Mexican constitution defines a citizen as, among other criteria, someone born abroad of a Mexican citizen born in Mexico. Lanaro’s mother was Mexican.

Don’t forget Puerto Rico.

Good point, although Puerto Rico is part of the US, and Puerto Rican citizens are US citizens, Puerto Rico has sent athletes to the games independent of the US since 1984. They’ve had some success at boxing and won a couple of other medals too.

There’s a fair number of track and field (aka athletics) people who are from the US, but compete for other countries. Mostly hurdles and sprints.
100 hurdlers Tiffany Porter and her sister Cindy Ofili are from Michigan but represent Great Britain.
10000 runner Alexi Pappas is from California, but is representing Greece.

There aren’t enough heat sheets up for me to find others.