Who is on your Mt. Rushmore of Williams?

Please select only four names.

Use your own criteria. After all, it’s your mount.

I’d have to know what you mean by ‘Williams.’ Williams College? Can’t say I’d have any idea who their four greatest figures are. Not sure what other ‘Williams’ you might have in mind.

ETA: You might’ve either said ‘poll coming’ or included a link to the other thread.

You forgot Red Sox player Ted Williams.

Shakespeare, Faulkner, Gates, and Clinton. Now that’s a weird grouping of names. :smiley:

Clinton could be subbed for William of Orange, I think.

Willie Mays’ first name is not William, it is Willie.

Sorry, should have linked to the original thread.

Also, first names only.

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  1. Fun *and *palindromic. (or whatever the word is for numbers).

My post #7575758 is, unfortunately, rather unmemorable.

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A very informative post about the merits of various stocks. Still not a fun number though…


You left out Willie Nelson. The man is an American Icon.

I would add Bill Nye and Willem Dafoe.

Agree to all.

Also just thought of Bill Cosby. Wonder if he would get any votes.

ETA: I love it that the current lead is a tie between Bill Murray and Shakespeare

You forgot Bill Cosby. He’d fit very nicely next to Bill Clinton.

Yeah, remember that time that Bill Clinton raped all those people? That was awful. He raped me and I wasn’t even in the same state at the time.

My Mt Rushmore is Bill Gates, Bill Murray, William Shakespeare, and Willie Dixon. Should be a party.

William Regal.

Just William Regal. Four Williams Regal if you must have four.

I’m glad to see 2 votes for Ruger. (I am so sorry for what I’m about to say) I would feel badly about the Dope if I was the only one to recognize a man of his caliber.

(I said I was sorry.)

William James

As a proud William, I’m very glad to see this poll!

For additional names, I would also suggest William Seward, Lincoln’s masterful Secretary of State; William McKinley, a pretty good President; and will.i.am (William James Adams Jr., of the Black Eyed Peas), but none of them would’ve had my vote compared to the other biggies on offer.

My votes were for Clinton, Shakespeare, the Conqueror and Wilberforce, all of whom had an outsize influence in their day and since, almost all for the best.

William Shakespeare, William the Conqueror, Willie Dixon and Other (for Bill Russell).