Who is Opal?

I read the thread I pit "Hi Opal, and since then have seen 3 item lists with the third item deidcated to her in a few more threads
So, who is this Opal of which you all speak? and what has she done to earn this recognition?

That’s Opalcat. When someone posted a list of something, it would sometimes only have two items on it. Opalcat noted that to be a list, there had to be at least 3 items. So, people added “Hi, Opal” as their third item regardless of the length of the list.

It got old real fast.

She started a thread complaining that a list must have at least three things. Two things is not a list. So, if you’re list only has two, you add “Hi Opal” to bring it up the three.

I’ll repeat the bare bones of an explanation I’ve seen before. Opal was a doper who made a big deal of how a list (of examples, cites, or reasons) should not have only one or two items.

In response, a number of other dopers started making lists with two relevant items and just the words ‘hi, opal’ as the text of the third list item. :slight_smile: It became one of the straight dope in-jokes, like 1920s-style ray gun, “only for twenty minutes in the sixties” (or whatever that one is,) and so on. Now Hal briston’s sheep are probably on the list too. :smiley:

[li]Hi, anyrose[/li][li]Hi, Palooka[/li][li]Hi, Opal[/li][/ul]

When youget a chance read this thread anyrose.

It is the Beginner’s Guide to Glossary of Terms on Straight Dope Message Boards.
Really handy for catching up on some of the terminology.

and on that link I found this bit of silliness


Is she still around, by the way? I didn’t notice any of her posts for some time…

Lots of recent threads
Here is one see started:
DVD-RW Identity crisis… wtf?

Poor choice of words. :smiley:


Question answered. I think this is ATMB material now.


Opal is very much around. Just look in the right locations.

“Hi, Opal!” was funny for 20 minutes. In 1960. Now, enraged Dopers will shoot anyone using it with a 1920s style death ray. And if they escape that, Og smash!

Properly used, “3. Hi, Opal!” would continue to be funny. The trouble was that people started inserting it into ANY list, regardless of the number of items in the list. This, of course, showed that they failed to understand Opacat’s basic premise. That is the part that got old, very quickly. <sigh>

Soon, I predict that Hal will be accused of every form of pederasty known to man, at which point it will get quite unfunny… :frowning:

I’ve been on the boards since 1997 and I just got wooshed. Why is “Was?” a poor choice of word(s)?

“Will get”??

Kidding…I’m not bitter about all of this…really. Not at all. Much, anyway.

I think it’s due to the fact that she still posts, therefore, “was” denotes former poster, whereas, upthread is a link to a recent thread of hers.

It’s a Grammar Nazi thing.

The difference between a running gag (funny) and borrrrrrrring repetition (not funny) is… ?

Step 3: Profit?

Well, Hal misused it once. But he got criticized for it, and it made him feel sheepish! :wink:

::: ducks and runs :::