Who is responsible for the Lizard-On-A-Rock shot required in all desert scenes?

It is so ubiquitous, so inescapable… when did this start? Does anyone know? Does it go back to the earliest days of film, was there a silent movie Lizard-On-A-Rock that started it all, or is it a more recent phenomenon?

And are there lizard wranglers who have trained rock-scrambling lizards ready to go any time there’s a dry and dusty scene to be shot?

And are there really THAT many lizards in the desert? I’ve never been a fan, but I have spent a little time in a desert or two, and I don’t’ recall seeing any lizards at all, much less lizards on every rock in sight.

At least Mad Max ATE the damn lizard…

I don’t know about the movie meme but I see numerous lizards on rocks every time I hike. It’s a pretty ubiquitous sight in Cali.

Establishing shots and filler scenes are generally the work of the second unit director.

The yummy lizard scene from MM:FR was CGI, I think.

I live in Tucson and see lizards pretty much every time I look outside. Last summer I saw a gecko on the outside of the glass sliding door almost every night just waiting for a bug to get close enough for him to pounce on.

its certainly true in Australia. Go to any arid area and you’ll see numerous lizards, big and small and certainly some of them will be sunbathing on rocks.


The lizard SAG.

Also, why did that insurance company hire a British gecko as its mascot when there are plenty of American geckos hungry for work? Murica first!

In San Jose on a warm day I’ll see 3 or 4 kinds of lizards on the trail. There used to be a good population of western fence and alligator lizards at my apartment complex…until people with cats moved in. :frowning:

It burns! It burns! :mad:

lol Leone?

In “Desert Spirits” (greater than anything Ford, Lean, Roeg, or Antonioni has ever done) the STAR of the film is the amazing lizard NORRRRREEEEEEEE.

good peyote fun.

My wife has “lizard-on-a-fencepost” photo on her website.

We got lots of lizzies. I like them.

Mammal beats reptile. It is the way of things.

I thought the gecko was Australian.

Actually, the gecko was Kelsey Grammer first. Then it was Australian. Then it became an Englishman.

Don’t remember the first, but thank you for verifying I’m not crazy re: the Australian accent.