Who is responsible?

I wish to ask a question about the recent tragedy. Assuming Osama Bin Laden masterminded this attack (and I have yet to hear convincing evidence that he has), then who is ultimately responsible for these attacks?

It seems the US trained and equipped Osama Bin Laden to practice terrorism against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Now what sort of responsibility do the people who trained him have for the crashes? Certainly we never planned on him killing our own citizens when we trained him, but our government was still responsible for providing him with the means and experience to get where he is today.

Furthermore, the US doesn’t exactly have a pristine reputation in the Middle East. Our government has cause many civilian deaths in Iraq both directly and indirectly, we’ve supported an Israeli government that has killed and dispossessed Palestinians for over 50 years. Certainly the Arabs are not free from resonsibility for ruthless actions, but it is hardly fair to hold them to higher standards than we do ourselves. That only breeds resentment.

I am proud of much of what my country has accomplished and I am proud of the largely free society we live in, but I want to be realistic about our strengths and weaknesses.

How about taking this to the pit, so I can tell you what I think of it?

I’m not sure why exactly this should be pit material?

I don’t know how true it is that the US provided support for Bin Laden, I have little information on that, but it is certainly something that keeps coming up, and it would be better to address it as a serious issue rather than resort to the pit.

The US certainly does not have a pristine reputation in the Middle East. SJC is right on the money with that statement. However the problem I see is in this statement:

You can never categorize an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. The “Arabs” actually consist of hundreds of millions of people across several nations from North Africa to Asia.

As for holding the arabs “to higher standards than ourselves”, I do not think standards come into this at all. This is terrorism, and terrorism cares nothing for standards.

More importantly, this attack has not apparently come from any one country. It was a terrorist attack, and could have been carried out by a few dozen people working and planning together for a period of time independent of their country. Bin laden is the chief suspect, but there is so far no evidence in the investigation. It may turn out to be another sick asshole like Tim McVeigh for all we know at this moment.