Who Is She?

Who is the actress who played Tess on ‘Stark Raving Mad’. I’ve seen her before on something (Seinfeld, maybe?) and it’s bugging the heck out of me.

For clarity: In the second episode of ‘Stark Raving Mad’ with Tony Shalhoub (Ian Stark) and Neil Patrick Harris (Henry McNeeley), Ian talks to a woman named Tess, thinking she is Henry’s girlfriend. She’s not, there is another Tess who works at the same place and lots of funny things happen. I’m trying to identify the first Tess (the wrong Tess).

Can anyone help me?

I tried IMDB but couldn’t find anything.

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IMDB usually only has the cast listing for the main title actors. IMDB won’t have a listing for her until some fan adds her to the guest appearances section of the show.

The best bet is to wait until the episode repeats and record the credits, then look for her name in IMDB.

Kellie Waymire.

She played Elaine’s friend Vivian on Seinfeld – the one who didn’t think Elaine was good enough to babysit her son. She’s also the one who said that she “found pastrami the most sensual of the salted, cured meats”, much to George’s delight.

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On a related note,What was the name of the show that had Bess Armstrong married to a man with a daughter Shawnee Smith? I wish I could remember!

The poster beneath me is really smart!

“All is Forgiven” was the name of that series.
It also starred Terrence Knox and David Alan Grier.
Armstrong played a soap opera producer who married Knox, a guy who owned a lot of donut shops and a single father.
Wild hijinks ensued as she tried to meld her crazy workplace with a sane homelife.