Who is Steven Hiller?

We we asked this yesterday at the office movie trivia contest. No one knew. After the answer was revealed, everyone was shocked that they did not know the answer.

Can you answer without googling?

Yes: I Wiki’d it :slight_smile:

Off the top of my head…is he the actor from Law & Order who was the original DA?

Damn, upon google I see that guys is Steven Hill. Close but no cigar.

If it’s the Steven Hiller I finally found on IMDB, I’m not sure why you all felt you should know who he was. Unless he’s done something that doesn’t come across on his IMDB profile.

Ah! NM, not him I’m guessing.

I googled and I couldn’t find a reference to somebody that would shock me.

Is he the author of 14 k of g in a f p d ?

That guy in accounting who always wears a striped shirt?

With a quick Google search I came up with:

Will Smith’s character in Independence Day

Not sure why I would remember that though.

Ed the Head is correct.

I don’t know about you Ed, but all 19 of us playing trivia were very familiar with his “work”.

Mr. and Mrs. Hiller’s son - you remember him - they lived down the street and his parents owned the Bait and Beauty Shop? He is manager at Burger King now - and he’s single! You should give him a call while you are here visiting for Christmas!. He always asks about you and I even get some free fries and a wink when he does! Call him!

I don’t remember the names of any of the characters in that movie

He’s one of those characters most people just refer to by the actor’s name. A local theater here has a revival show every Tuesday that opens with a trivia contest. It’s amazing how often nobody can name the main character when he’s played by Humphry Bogart or John Wayne or some other actor whose personality is imprinted on their characters instead of the other way around. The guy who played Steven Hiller does the same thing with most of his characters.

He’s that guy that did that thing. I wiki’d as well to find that out.

Well, in your (and my) defense, it came out 16 years ago. I don’t remember names of people I met yesterday.

Yeah, what was his character’s name in “Hancock?” or “Ali”? Oh, what was it in “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”? Can never get those any of those right :wink:

They named Will Smith’s character Steven Hiller? Really? Because the first place my mind went was Steven Hill of L&O.

Crap, now I want to see Steven Hill punch an extraterrestrial.

per google: There are 39 people in the US/Canada named Steven Hiller.

I couldn’t’ve answered. But I am not shocked at not knowing.

Sure, it was a breakout role for Will Smith - but I think of it as “Will Smith fighting the alien bad guys.” His character’s name wasn’t prominent or important and the movie was a bit of a goof. It’s not like it was **Keyser Soze **or anything :wink:

He was that guy, you know? Always wore a shirt?

ETA: I might be thinking of Rory Calhoun.