Who IS that cool cat in the hat?

I have a flat cap that is in dire need of a good wash and wax (it’s waxed cotton). A bit too warm for the summer months, however.
On a somewhat related tangent, does anyone know where a good-quality high crown derby might be found? Not some thin felt costume job, a real high crown derby.

In the winter, I wear a Felt Stetson Australian Cowboy hat that looks a lot like this, but a little darker.

In the summer, I wear a vented Australian cowboy hat like this one.

This thread needs an associated photo gallery. Like GuanoLad, I fear that very fine line between looking good and looking like a hipster douche. Seeing the men of the SDMB finely adorned might help.

My go-to had has been a New York Hat Co. coconut pork pie. It seems the price has more than doubled since I bought mine at the hat shop around the corner from my apartment in L.A., before I moved up here.

My newest hat, which so far has only been worn out on the deck, is a Kangol Wheat Braid Pork Pie.

Mrs. L.A. hates my hats (and bow ties), so I haven’t worn them out in a while. Aside from my NYHC coconut pork pie, hats in regular rotation include a brown fedora, a stiff grey plaid trilby, a woollen trilby, a Dobbs pork pie similar to the Kangol, and a black felt pork pie.