Who is the best currently playing footballer?

Yeah, I know. Not specific enough. Apples and oranges. Different skills. Yada yada yada. Just suck it up and pick one. Up until he retired, I’d probably have said Zidane.

Now? I’m not so sure.

Whaddya think and why?

Fabio Cannavaro

I tend to think defense skills are harder to master.

Reads the field better than anyone.

Good choice. FIFA would tend to agreewith you.

I just have to briefly hijack to say that the word “footballer” is one of the most elegant ways I’ve ever seen to immediately tell people you’re talking about soccer, rather than American football.

Carry on.

I’ve always thought so too!

Peyton Manning

That’s ridiculous. Of course he reads the field well, and his football IQ is unquestioned. But he’s had few goals in his career, is shite on defense, doesn’t beat anyone on the dribble and can’t cross to save his life. His passing skills are good, sure, but we’re looking for the complete package here. Heck, he can’t even crack the national starting XI.

How about Cristiano Ronaldo?

I can say this now that he’s no longer playing for Arsenal: Thierry Henry?

So what is an American football player called? A ball player?

“Football player”.

That question just made me realize something: how few sports have participants people in the U.S. call “Xers” as opposed to “X players.” Golf, swimming, and diving are the only ones I can think of offhand.


I’d go with Cannavaro, too. Lionel Messi is the most exciting, though.

Messi is magic.

Skiers, figure skaters, speed skaters, snowboarders, surfers, …hmm, but they’re all riding the thing they -er.

With Henry and Drogba off a bit last year due to injuries, I would say either Messi or Christiano Ronaldo as well.

Well any votes for Messi definitely go up after the recent Arg - Mex game. Cool!

Is Ronaldinho out of favor these days?

Huh? Drogba was the Premier League’s top goal scorer, and he won the African Footballer of the Year this past year. It was his best year ever.