Who is the best sports announcer?

Basketball: No one beats Chick Hearn. He would work a Lakers game then, if playing, fly to Las Vegas to work the UNLV simulcasts.

Back when the SuperSonics played in Seattle, I loved listening to Kevin Calabro’s play-by-play.

Hearn’s voice is widely known from numerous TV and movie appearances. He has a voice you enjoy listening to.

For me, it was Bob Cole and Howie Meeker (hockey). And that would be a no, for me. I realise I’m in the minority (for those who know them), what, with Bob being a can-do-no-wrong Canadian legend with HM nipping at his heels.

As is the alternate Jays announcer Buck Martinez (Yay! Great to see him back from being sidelined with cancer! Yaaaay!) Tabby (Pat Tabler) is also good - I picked up a lot of the finer points of the game from him.