who is the CRIMSON KING?

I really like the DARK TOWER series by S. King. But who is the crimson king? Could it be IT? Randall Flagg? Or as some of my friends say Stephen King himself? how about some of your theories.

He is Robert Fripp, of course.


He’s El Elvis Rojo, member of this board. Heh, sorry, but that was the first thing I thought of when I saw his name.

Flagg is actually a servant of the Crimson King. It says so at the end of The Gunslinger.

I don’t think it actually refers to Flagg, but it says that Marten is his servant and in the other Dark Tower books we learn that Marten and Flagg are one and the same.

so maybe the C K is someone we’ve never heard of? I kinda doubt that. I think its going to be a big surprise.

Welcome to the boards, rolandgunslinger! Can I just call you roland? I’m pretty sure we already have a Gunslinger.

I think it refers to the big superpowerful entity of evil that is one half of the balance of the forces King’s created in his stories. I guess the other half would be the green fellow, who I think appears briefly (or is mentioned in passing?) in Insomnia; it’s been a while since I last read it. I know the CK is talked about a bit. Which could make every single creature that exists in King’s books a servant of one of these two guys…

Hell, deep down I think that he’ll appear in whatever book ends the DT series, and then SK will just quit writing because he’ll have destroyed the omniverse or something. Of course, ten years ago I thought “deep down” that the story of Darth Vader would be pretty darned interesting, and look what happened.

Wanna know what I really think might happen?King will draw every single good character (Alan Pangborn, Ralph, Jack Sawyer, etc.) from his stories to combat every single evil character and let them fight it out for the sake of the whole of creation on every level of the Tower. Of course, that’s just fanboy conjecture and I know nothing about anything. But it’d be pretty keen.

**Brahe[/B} – it seems to look like you’re right.

I know that in many SK books I wind up looking for “potential” Gunslingers in the major characters. Stu from The Stand for sure. Ben “Haystack” Hanscomb from It perhaps, but certainly Big Bill. Father Callahan from 'Salem’s Lot, even though he would be a fallen Gunslinger, not a failed Gunslinger like the Big Coffin Hunters, and even though he’s not a Gunslinger in End World.

I think that The Crimson King might wind up being Sauron, but I’m probably WAY wrong.

King has already said that Father Callahan will figure into one of the upcoming DT books. I don’t know if that means he’ll be considered a gunslinger, though.

Well to answer your question of the Crimson King, there are 2 other books by Steven King. Both of them mention the Crimson King. One is Talsiman which is an excellent read. The second which explains more about the Crimson King is Black House. It tells you who he is and where he comes from. Both books will scare the bejesus out of you but again I highly recommend the read.

By the way, if you want to see how the various SK books relate to the DT series, read The Stephen King Universe. There’s an entire section devoted to the reaches of the DT in other books and stories. One theory proposed by the book’s author states that the impetus for Roland’s world (especially the Dark Tower itself) beginning to fall apart was the removal of the Talisman by Jack from the black hotel.

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Darn, I thought this thread was going to be about King Crimson’s rockin’ cover of “In the Hall of the Mountain King”, retitled “In the Court of the Crimson King”.

Umm… I don’t think that “In The Court of the Krimson King” sounds anything like “In the Hall of the Mountain King”, but I’ll agree it’s most rockin.


Stu Redman a gunslinger? I can see that!