Who is the greatest child prodigy of all time?

Who is the greatest child prodigy of all time, and how do prodigies develop?

Cecil Adams. I hear it’s the radiation that does it.

No, seriously. What do you mean by the greatest? There’s a lot of ways to measure “greatness” and most of them are fairly subjective.

I mean the most extraordinary child prodigy, or most amazing.

Mozart comes to mind…

Mozart comes to mind…
But of course I am being Euro-centric. There may have been greater prodigies in Ancient Egypt or Sumer or Africa, but I dont know about them…

The Great One has discussed this.

Mozart came to my mind too. In fact my post would have been the spitting image of yours bettybad, if you hadn’t posted it.

Rgr that, I was gonna suggest Mozart.

Still depends who you ask, there being so many fields in which you could be a prodigy.

Your first post, that is.

Not really GQ material, but according to some, Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart was arguably the greatest prodigy of all time.

not my second?

And what is the age group for “children”? Is a 14-year-old a child? A 17-year-old?

It would be an unbelievable co-incidence if my post was going to be identical to your second post. (or proof that I am spying on you)

sleeping 0-12 - child 13-19 - teenager - 20 onwards - adult.

Sugar Chile Robinson was pretty good, although admittedly not in the same league with Mozart. He was ticklin’ the ivories at age two.

quite right and good point. not impossible, tho…

Q. E. D. I did not picture you as someone who makes spelling mistakes. even accidental ones.

Oh, and welcome to the boards bettybad

what spelling error?

I misspelled Mozart. Silly me.