Who is the greatest Right Fielder of all time?

A simple one vote poll and feel free to explain your vote or argue over others.

I thought this one was going to be pretty one sided. Why the vote for Kaline though?

Babe Ruth is the Babe Ruth of baseball.

I voted for Ruth for the simple reason that he defined a generation and hit the most steroid-free homers. Best RF arm I would give to Clemente, and the best fielder to Kaline. Kaline didn’t make the highlight reel type catches, he simply got a good jump on the ball and sort of glided where he had to be.

:confused: Was there some “Hank Aaron used steriods” story I missed?

5 people need to brush up on their baseball history.

Except for one I’m doing really good at picking the one no one else picks. I might do better if I knew anything about baseball.

True, although Cy Young is the Cy Young of pitching, and he currently has 0 votes in the Starting Pitcher poll.

Ruth, of course. This one only gets interesting if you remove him from the category. I think the argument between Aaron/Clemente would be much more interesting.

Oh fuck a duck! My apologies to Hank! I forgot about him. OK, the second most steroid-free homers.


Hank Aaron admitted in his autobiography that he used amphetamines. So yes - you DID miss the “Hank Aaron used steroids” story.

Amphetamines are not steroids.

Correct. Please amend my statement to “Yes, you did miss the ‘Hank Aaron used performance enhancing drugs’ story”.

Oh, I didn’t miss that. I was honestly confused as to whether something had come out about Aaron and steriods. I think it’s just a matter of time until something comes out about players using quite a bit earlier than most MLB fans currently think of as “the steroid era”. Now that I see Bob just forgot about Hammerin’ Hank I feel better.

If we have to eliminate (suspected) greenie users with all the (suspected) steroid users the HoF is gonna get awfully empty.

This seems like a ten way tie to me (although I still have a sour taste in my mouth regarding George Herman, so fuck him).

I’ll throw a bone to Ott.

Let me guess: You’re a cruciverbalist?

I’ve never been so tempted to use a ‘lol.’

I am a cruciverbalist; but in a very non-cruciverbalist turn … I had to look it up to know what it meant.

Would it? It’s pretty clear that Aaron was much better.

Yeah, Aaron is a clear #2; #3 is a toss-up between Frank Robinson and Mel Ott; after that it’s a lot less clear.