Who is the owner of the moon?

OK, Americans were the first up there, and it’s THEIR flag that was planted in lunar soil first, but could the U.S. government deduce any property claims from this? I think there is an international treaty ruling that the moon is not property of any nation (similar to international zones in the sea?). But what, if

  • there are any nations which did not sign that treaty - could those claim Selene to be their territory?

  • one day, NASA decided to turn those weird moon colonization plans real?

BTW, what about those guys that “sell” lunar real estate?

There’s a Moon Treaty and an Outer Space Treaty. The US only signed the latter, and it covers the moon as well, so that’s the one that’s in effect.

Well, according to my copy of How to Start Your Own Country, on Dec. 20, 1948, “James Thomas Mangan…touched, occupied and realized a certain volume of space which is inseparably connected with all space, and at this instant… seized as the Complete Possession and Domain of the NATION OF CELESTIAL SPACE all space in all directions from the Earth in its present celestial position, specifically exempting from claim every celestial body, whether star, planet, satellite or comet, and every fragment, unit or combination known or unknown.”

So, while he doesn’t own the moon, he does control all the space in between here and there. On the other hand, the latest the book knows of him being active with this project is 1959.