Who is the second most evil woman in the world ?

My wife is leaving me for another man. I was a good husband, father etc, but thats not the point of this message. I am also a homebrewer and about to bottle a new batch of beer. I want to dedicate this beer to my soon to be ex wife, and was looking to name if after some sort of historical or literary reference to an evil, conniving, lying cheating woman. Can anyone help me out with a famous woman, preferably one who cant be trusted ? The best I can think of is Jezebel, but that’s not quite right. Needs to be more unfaithful than criminal.


Dja ever see Armageddon? The guy who discovers the asteroid wants to name it after his wife because “She’s a vicious life-sucking bitch from which there is no escape.”

• Anita Bryant (anti-gay nutcase)

• Elizabeth Bathory (Renaissance-era mass-murderess)

• Lizzie Borden (probable patricide)

• Queen Isabella (Columbus’ gal, and also behind the Inquisition)

• Coco Chanel (Nazi whore)

• Diana Mosley (another Nazi whore)

• Eva Braun (Nazi whore No. 3!)

• Livia (the Claudius one, not the Sopranos one)

• Ruth Snyder (killed hubby and fried)

• Winnie Ruth Judd (ax murderess)

• Ma Barker

Ya want more? I can keep ‘em comin’ . . .

From the perspective of military men (not that I’m one, though, but I know lots) you can’t get any more vile and evil than Jane Fonda!

Lucretia Borgia (serial husband-killer; though, like Lizzie Borden, the rap seems mostly undeserved)

Hillary Clinton???

:: Ducks ::

Dammit, Eve beat me into this thread because I was BUSY WRITING HER AN E-MAIL.

Livia’s a great choice, as she was a famous poisoner (rubbed toxins on all the fruit in Caesar Augustus’s orchard, since he ate only food he picked himself).

Wonderful name for a beer…Livia’s Lullaby Lager.

Literature is fairly bursting with fallen women. Goneril and Regan from “King Lear” are two of my favorites. Then there’s Lady MacBeth (what was her first name?). Jewish folklore has Lilith (though her reputation is currently undergoing an image enhancement). The Greeks gave us Succubus and I believe Cassandra (I could be wrong on her, though). And the Bible’s just chock full o’ whores.

Glad to see you’ve found a constructive outlet for your anger…

She was cursed by the gods, but she was hardly evil.

If you want evil from Greek mythology/literature, try for Medea who murdered her own children to spite her husband. (Of course, this selection could backfire on you, since she murdered them because he had abandoned her. She also murdered her husband’s new wife, then made her escape in the chariot of her father (grandfather?) Helios, the sun god.)

Delilah? Stole Sampson’s power and betrayed him (also gets you a built-in Tom Jones jingle)

Lilith? Hebrew goddess of destruction (Does this tell you anything about the whiny-voiced Sarah MacLachlan and her festival?)

How about Susan Smith?

And let’s not forget “Charlie’s Angels,” Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houghton and Patricia Krenwinkle!

Bonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde infamy. Truly a bad girl.

So many notorious women from the Roman days. How about Mesillina? Wife of emperor Claudius, was such an infamous slut that she is said to have had a contest with the best known prostitute in Rome to see who could lay the most men in a day, and won!

How 'bout a nice bottle of Little Girl from the Pepsi Commercial Pale Ale?

I’d like to second the nomination for Livia, though my knowledge comes from I, Claudius and Claudius the God.

Has anyone ever seen the movie The Last Seduction? Brrrrr…… the main character there would serve well.

You may want to consider Elisabeth Bathory (1560-1614). You want an accurate, trustworthy description of her evil? Read a bit about it in the master’s own words. Not quite as bad as the Pepsi girl, but worth consideration.

BTW, sorry to hear about your loss. Nice coping mechanism.


Lilith - she was a giantess/half giant/demoness & Adam’s first wife, not a goddess (iirc). Anyway, all she objected to was doing it missionary fashion & being dragged back to her husband (http://www.webcom.com/~gnosis/lillith.html)

If you want unfaithful greek women, try Klytemnestra (also spelt with a ‘C’) - she had an affair while her husband was away at war & killed him when he got back. Encouraged by his sister (Electra, hence Electra complex for fancying the father), her son killed her for murdering their father and then was pursued by the furies for raising his hand against one of his parents until Apollo rescued him. Nice people, they’d have hounded him for not avenging his father’s death too!

How about Harpie brew? They always shown as female & are filthy, disgusting, foul mouthed creatures living off fear & carrion corpses from battlefields.


I think the chick you’re looking for is Clytaemnestra. She and her lover, Aegistheus, killed her husband Agamemnon when he returned home from the Trojan war.

'course, she sort of had cause, since Agamemnon had previously killed her husband and her infant son and forced her to marry him. And he was returning home from the war with his concubine, Cassandra. But still, if you ignore those parts, she’s a devil.

You know, I think I’m technically supposed to move this thread to In My Humble Opinion. But the bitterness, the bile, the dedication to revenge expressed by the OP here makes him my new favorite poster. I’m keeping this one here for a while for the purely selfish reason that I’m enjoying it. I’ll move it later.

Simone de Beauvoir would be a good choice, a Nazi sympathizer who franly should have been hanged after the war and who helped her boyfriend sexually exploit young women. She’d be on my list.

Joan Crawford, Eva Peron, Manson’s “girls,”
and my all time favorite recent nut case (and
appropriate to the discussion), the teacher who
had the two children by the 13 year old child
(I’m drawing a blank on her name).