Who is the working man?

Here in the UK we have just had a general election. Due to the poor showing of the Labour party, there has been a lot of discussion as to whether they should be a Blairite New Labour party, or the more traditional left-leaning working man’s party.

What I have always wondered is who is this mythical working man? I am sure it is not generally anyone who works. I suspect that anyone who works employing other workers is excluded, as are those who work in some sectors, such as bankers. Are the self employed classified as workers? I suspect that for Labour aficionados the term only includes what they see as people who feel they are downtrodden. Which is very selective as some people are happy in their jobs, while some of their colleagues may not be.

Whoever he or she is, in these equal opportunity times, they do need to change their term to working person. But as as old Labour is tied to tradition, that may not be possible.

I’ve always understood it to mean manual/blue collar type jobs - what is traditionally seen as the working class.
So think factory workers, shop workers, low end office workers, that kind of thing.

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