Who is this baby and whatever happened to him?

I watch a lot of classic TV and have run across this baby’s picture in several 60’s and 70’s programs. Is there any way to find out who the kid is?

Here he is in the Monkees’ “Picture Frame” at :53

and in Leave it to Beaver “Baby Picture” at 6:30

There was another show or two in which the picture appeared, but those two are off the top of my head. Don’t know why, but I have always wondered who he is and whatever happened to him.

Jerry Mathers? :dubious:


No cite, just a guess based on the show.

Well possibility-wise it does kinda-sorta look like him actually. Also, I would imagine his parents would had have one available if the director needed it for a plot device.

Oh, thanks.

I screen-capped the a still from the video, deskewed and cropped the image, and plugged it into Google images. Didn’t come up with any results, though. (It wasn’t an unreasonable effort–similar efforts have worked before.)

Marilyn Chambers, Ivory Snow baby??

***Beaver ***strikes me as the kind of show where they would use an actual photo of one of the cast members if it were available. They did the same thing with June in one episode: Ward kept a picture of her in his WWII SeaBees footlocker, and it really was a shot of young Barbara Billingsley.

Marilyn Chambers wasn’t the baby on the Ivory Snow packaging, she was the mother.

https://40.media.tumblr.com/3df954e66c6782fbc5f1633f3b714b2a/tumblr_n4yv0acN641sbtct0o1_1280.jpg (WARNING! the link contains nude photos)

They took her picture off the box when they found out her box was in pictures. :smiley: