Who is this man?


Who is this guy? He’s part of a puzzle I’m trying to solve (at the root address of that site) that only shows his picture and provides no clues to his identity. I’m guessing, judging by the other people in the puzzle that I was able to identify, that his name has a prominent initial in it (like F. Scott Fitzgerald or R. Crumb).

I believe that’s H.L. Mencken.

That is either Bob Scene in 15 years or H.L. Mencken.


I have absolute proof that it’s Mencken. Here’s a page about him that has that exact same picture: http://www.bartleby.com/people/Mencken.html

H. L. Mencken! Inventor of the best lie-detector test ever devised: “If I were in his place. would I tell the truth?”
Menken would also lead annual late-night expeditions to urinate on the grave of fellow Baltimorean Edgar Allen Poe (a rank insult to a better if not as successful journalist). When Mencken was once bespattered by an overflying bird, a friend wondered if it hadn’t been the transmigrating soul of Poe taking revenge.