Who is this person who was blinded by his parents?

In trying to find the name of a one-eyed actor that I remembered seeing in something, I came across a list of “Famous Blind People” that contained this entry:

Brandon Jardine, was stabbed in the eyes by his parents with red hot pokers in 1991

This piqued my morbid curiosity, so I tried to find out more. The weird thing is that every reference to this person uses the exact words cited above. Nothing else. No explanation of why he is famous (although being gruesomely blinded by one’s parents might be reason enough!).

I’m wondering if anyone has heard of this person or the incident, or has better Google-fu than I and can turn up additional information.

Is it the stage name of Walter Tell?

Whitepages.com says there are four people in the US named Brandon Jardine. You could just call each one and ask. :cool:

That would be a fun phone call. “Excuse me, did your parents stab your eyes out with a hot poker?” (Very appropriate smiley, BTW.)

Actually, there’s no indication on any of the lists that this person (who may only be famous for being on lists of famous blind people) is in the U.S.