Who is This Unflattering TV Guide Article About?

I don’t believe that’s what’s being suggested. The George Clooney reference is a normal comparison of Mr. X to a “genuine A-lister.” Then the Jetson reference shows how far from the A-list Mr. X is, cleverly using another George for the literary effect of parallel construction. It’s as if Dan Quayle had been told “You’re no Jack Kennedy, you’re not even Jack Black.” Quayle’s first name is irrelevant, the Jack/Jack thing is technique.

clearing throat It’s more accurate to say Clooney is no Shatner. The latter was a star (via Star Trek) when Clooney was still in grade school. Shatner’s total star-power may never have been as high as Clooney’s but he’s been famous for MUCH longer than Clooney has. Besides, it’s obvious Clooney doesn’t have what it takes to face down Khan Noonien Singh.

Note that Ausiello didn’t make the George Clooney remark. It’s a direct quote. Here’s the snipped bits:

One of the actual cast members said that he’s no George Clooney. That, to me, screams John Stamos.

The more interesting question to me is which cast member made the Clooney snark. I’m guessing Maura Tierney.

I am convinced this is Liev Schreiber. In the current Entertainment Weekly there is an article on Liev that states he would only take the role on CSI if he had a hand in the storyline. Plus, he has always struck me as the Prima Donna(primo donno?) type.

I really don’t see Stamos or Rob Lowe asking for writing credits as much as I would imagine them trying to get more face time. Stamos and Lowe are pretty boys whereas SChreiber, IMO fancies himself a serious, brooding artiste .

And Bowie is definitely an A-lister. So it would have to be Iggy Pop in this case.

William Peterson is taking a break from CSI? :eek:

But he is the hero of all geeks and nerds (including moi). :frowning:

Gil Grissom must return (preferably in the arms of Lady Heather :cool: )

(hijack) Why is William Peterson off? (/hijack)

William Peterson is off for a month to do a play.

I agree, Liev Schrieber sounds the most likely, esp. given the piece in EW this week.

Dude, he’s Batman! Clooney can defeat Khan if he’s…

Nah. I won’t say it.

I know absolutely nothing about Liev Schieber’s personality, so I can’t accuse him of being a jerk, or of being the person alluded to.

I can say that I saw him on Broadway in “Glengarry Glen Ross,” and he was outstanding. He won a Tony for his performance, so he’s not lacking for talent.

Problem is, a Tony doesn’t necessarily carry much weight in TV land, nor should it (not automatically, at any rate).

And on a show like “CSI,” the actors are far less important to the viewers than the plots and the crime puzzles. That’s a show on which NO performer should consider himself irreplaceable. Because even viewers who like Grissom would tune in to watch almost any other actor do the investigations, so long as the crimes were still interesting.

Yeah, I finally saw that EW article, and I have to agree. I caught my first five minutes ever of CSI tonight just to get a feel for him in the role, and it seems plausible that he’s a prima donna.

I’m thinking his role in the Scream franchise wasn’t too far from his real personality.