Who is This Unflattering TV Guide Article About?

In the current issue of TV Guide, Michael Ausiello writes:

I got nothin’.

Any help here?


Complete stab in the dark, but could it be Chris O’Donnel on Grey’s Anatomy? I mean I don’t know anything about the guy as far as being a pain-in-the-ass, but Grey’s Anatomy is a hit prime time show, he is a occasionally recurring character on the show and he has some marquee value, but not George Clooney-esque.

My guess would be Shatner joining the cast of The Practice.

How about David Morse from House? I hated, hated, hated the most recent storyline and would love to be able to blame that gawd-awful mess on someone.

Shatner is on the The Practice?

I don’t think it’s Shatner. Boston Legal isn’t a prime time hit, and Shatner’s role is usually pretty small. Even though he’s why I tune in. :slight_smile:

How about Kyle McLachlan on Desperate Housewives?

Seeing it’s a current article about (I’m guessing) a current series - that kind of leaves out Shatner (who’s a regular on "Boston Legal) and O’Donnell (who’s been off “Grey’s” for months)

Rob Lowe is currently on “Brothers & Sisters,” maybe him? Or is anyone doing a stint on “Lost”? Or “CSI”?

Given the reference to “George Cloony … George Jetson” I’d say, look for a show with a guest star named… “George”.

Liev Shreiber is indeed doing an extended stint on CSI (subbing for William Peterson) so I believe this is about him. The fact that this is in the present tense rules out Morse, and Shatner is a regular.

Probably not – from what I’ve heard, he’s a genuinely nice guy. (Lives in Philly and supports local causes – including arranging to have his last series filmed here.)

I always thought that “recurring” meant that the character wandered in and out over an extended number of episodes. Schreiber is going to be there for a handful of episodes, then leave.

No, it just means “more than once.”

It’s almost certainly John Stamos. He recently joined the cast of ER, where George Clooney (hint hint) used to be the resident hunk. It’s quite possible – given his character’s storyline – that he’s demanding rewrites. He was a recurring guest last season, and both then and now has been hyped as some sort of huge draw. ER is famous for overhyping everything, (ever seen an ER commercial?) but hyping John friggin’ Stamos? WTF?

But as a regular cast member, no?

No, seeing as The Practice is no longer on the air. As mentioned, the poster was probably confusing it with Boston Legal (I believe they were both produced by David E. Kelley, so it isn’t unusual. You stinka!)

I don’t think it’s John Stamos as he’s a regular. Some possibilities:

**Grey’s Anatomy ** - Eric Dane (McSteamy)
24 - Peter MacNicol (Lennox) - Could Biscuit be a real jerk?
Someone on Prison Break because of the “inmates running the asylum” comment
**Desperate Housewives ** - Austin - though he’s so young I doubt he’d make waves

Other “hits” that don’t fit the bill because I can’t think of a new character:

Lost, Ugly Betty, The Office, Heroes

It’s hard to tell because ER ditched the intro this season, so nobody is credited or labeled very clearly. But the ER press was that they were crushed when Jake 2.0 got picked up last season because they really wanted him, as if he were some giant star.

The article from tv guide seemed to imply that the actor is currently a recurring guest, but I think it’s intentionally misleading. Stamos was a recurring guest star, but when Ausiello refers to the mystery actor as a “recent hire”, that sounds to me like a recurring guest star that was recently hired to be part of the regular cast. (Guest stars are more like independent contractors; “recent hire” implies a fulltime employee.)

Add that to the fact that Stamos is considered a big star by the producers (based on interviews I’ve read in tv guide) plus the George Clooney reference, I came away from that article with no doubt it was Stamos the first time I read it. (Before I even finished it; the George Clooney reference at the end was just the icing on the cake.)

That would be Jake In Progress.

I’m going to have to contribute the only TV show I’m qualified to speculate on:

David Bowie on The Venture Bros.

That would be awesome if not for the fact that he didn’t do his own voice.