Who is Yayo?

Who is Yayo (I think that was the spelling), and why does Eminem want to free him/her (according to his shirt on Grammy night)?

Yayo is the phonetic spelling of the Spanish word “llello,” which is apparently a nickname for cocaine.



Am I missing something? Was Eminem saying ‘Free Cocaine’ then?

Anybody have any clue on this? Was this his way of saying ‘I like cocaine’?

Maybe he thinks that cocaine should be free (I guess he’s tired of paying for it).


Yayo may also be japanese name. Maybe the situation is like Mumia Abu-Jamal.

It’s one of his friends locked up in prison.

Or… Tony Yayo a collaborator wit’ fity cent.

Oh yeah…


http://www.mtv.com/bands/123/50_Cent/news_feature_021203/index2.jhtml - His name mentioned midway down the page.


I’m sure everyone can now guess how Tony got his name. The next time someone asks if you’re, “down with the yay nation” you can tell them where to cram it. Unless of course, you are down, in which case you can ask them for the hook up.

“Drugs are bad…mmmmkay?”


Yayo is not the phonetic spelling of the Spanish word “llello” that would be Yeyo, and AFAIK, “llello” is not a word in Spanish, slang for cocaine or otherwise. Maybe it’s a chicano thing?

Now I have one of those songs from GTA stuck in my head.

Llello is indeed slang for cocaine in Spanish. Particularly in the Caribbean and Mexico. And Yayo is indeed an Anglicization of the word - Yayo sounds like llello.


Scroll down.

I didn’t know about it, but I must admit that, although I’ve heard most of the words in that dictionary, the drug related ones just escape me in general, since I don’t nor ever had done drugs. You learn something everyday.

Despite the above, Neurotik, I wouldn’t take that dictionary as authoritative, since there are several mistakes in it from a cursory read, and it is done by anonymous contributors from anywhere in the world. Also, since the guy who maintains the webpage is Norweigan and does not speak spanish, I wouldn’t use it as reference when writing a paper.
I’m not saying that invalidates the “llello” entry, I have to accept it for lack of better information, but still…