Who knew that's what happens to a soda can after 6 years

A friend of mine made a can of Coke spring a leak just by talking to me.

For reasons of no importance here, I wanted to check the size of the pockets in a pair of my pants. After determining that the size of the pockets was sufficient for my purposes I put the pants back on their hanger and was about to put them back in the closet when I noticed a sticky residue on the hanger. “What the hell is this?” I thought. I proceded back to the closet to try and determine where this stuff had come from. After a few moments of poking around I discovered the source of the unidentified substance - a can of Coke from England that my father had given me just over 6 years ago. A can of Coke that sprung a leak beause of something a friend of mine said.

A couple weeks ago I went over to his house to hang out and watch a movie. After the movie was over we started talking about old times and I mentioned that I still had a can of soda from a band trip about 3 years ago. We had gone to the Grand Canyon and the last leg of our journey involved a train ride during which we were given cans of Pepsi made for the Grand Canyon Railway. The can amused me so I kept one as a souvenir.

He asked me if I’d poured out the soda. I said that I hadn’t and asked him why he had asked. He said that if you don’t empty the can, eventually the citric acid will eat through it and cause a pinhole leak. Surely not, I thought, because I had a 6 year old can of Coke in a baggy in my closet that hadn’t started to leak.

Now, I knew that aluminum likes to oxidize and that Coca Cola was fairly acidic, and yet here I am with 2 stained shirts. :smack:

In all fairness, it’s quite possible and even probable that the leak ocurred long before that conversation took place. Still, the timing was very odd…

I’ve had cases of coke (remember when the Old Coke and New Coke switch?) stored away thinking I was gonna sell it when they stopped making the Old Coke, and after 9 months, we were throwing the stuff away…about 40 cases of it. :smack:

Just imagine how good it is for your guts.

I’ve been drinking soda for several years now and I’m not dead…yet…


Your digestive tract has the perfect defense to a strong acid. It’s coated in mucous. Yes, a healthy stomach and intestines are constantly secreting snot. Citric acid is no problem. It simply cannot pierce your body’s gooey defenses.

So, the next time your enjoying Coca Cola, Sprite, or just a glass of orange juice, remember to thank mucous.

Mmm, snot. Does a body good.

coke removes rust from metal. :eek:

just saying.

So will orange juice and lemonade! :eek: :eek:

I’ve had a diet Pepsi can on my bookshelf since 1991 or thereabouts. I got it during Gulf I from Saudi Arabia. It’s printed in English on one side and Arabic on the other. Still has the cool old fashioned pull tab I almost remember as a kid.

Now the question in my mind is different version of the Coke Pepsi debate. Or could it be a new marketing slogan for Pepsi “Guaranteed to not rot through the can for at least a decade”

Yes, but have you drank several-year-old soda?

Not according to Mythbusters episode 5Episode 5. Of course it still might corrode aluminum, or dissolve the shirts in your closet. I’ve seen warnings that such drinks have phosphoric acid and will displace calcium from your bones, but I haven’t looked that up.

Clearly the bottlers need to start coating the insides of the cans with mucous.

Several years back, I briefly collected foreign and obscure Coke cans. I still have cans of Coke from the 1980s, and they’re all doing fine.

EWWWWWWWW!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

I hope you’re happy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can attest that the coke cans in the middle east still use the old fashioned pull tabs. I didn’t bring any cans back with me from OIF, but I took pictures of them.

We had a big box of miscellaneous soda cans left over from a company picnic sitting in the back of our office. I didn’t think much of it, and there it sat, year after year. I worked for three different contractors in the same building, and still the box sat there. Finally, after I’d moved to this office and had to walk by the mystery box several times a day, I decided to look inside it.

A bunch of the cans had popped and oozed out, and the carpet was stained underneath. But it’s old industrial carpet in a construction field office, so it doesn’t really matter. I would have thought that they would keep indefinitely before that, but I guess not. Glad it wasn’t a closet.

Acid snot good?


Yeah, once…tasted like seltzer water…shrugs

lieu, I believe aluminum cans are coated with something to…I’d say prevent, but I know better now, so I’ll say delay…to delay the corrosion of the can, perhaps snot is their secret…