Who lives in La Jolla, CA and wants to buy me some stamps in oh, say, 5 months?

I’m serious. I must have a First Day book of the new Dr. Seuss Stamp. I’ll reimburse you for the stamps, postage and your trouble.

Any takers?

Uhh, let’s try four months. Release date is 3/2/04.

Nothing like replying to your own posts, huh? I’m such a tool.

What is the bad mojo associated with replying to your own post, anyway? I always wondered about that one. But I digress…

Well, I’m in the San Diego area. I do occasionally go to the Pacific Beach area, which is just south of La Jolla. If you can’t find a La Jollan philatelist, let me know and I’ll plan a trip to Prospect Street for antiquing and stamps.

I work in La Jolla.

But that damn link is freezing up my browser. Are they only on sale in La Jolla on that day?

I finally found the link at the USPS site.

Is there something special about a first day stamp?

'Cause I’m a grump and hate crowds, so as much as I love y’all, I’m not sure I want to wait in line for hours for a stamp. I’ve never been much into stamps so never paid attention. Is this a bigger deal than I expect?

First Day Covers (is this what you’re talking about?) are usually available by sending a letter to the Postmaster of the appropriate post office–at least, they used to be. Here’s some information about the Peanuts stamp. Scroll down to the bottom to find out about the First Day postmarks; the Post Office also apparently has a catalog that you can order FDCs from.