Who lives next to the Simpsons?

Not the house on the left, the one on the right.

At first it was the Winfields. In episode number 67 they moved away and a new girl moved in. I can’t remember if there are other family members but her name was Laura Powers.

edit: I’m ‘guessing’ her mothers name is Ruth. (never mind, according to that link, Ruth powers episode came in episode 58) Also I don’t ever remember them being mentioned again, though the name pops up when Homer changes his name to Max Powers) I guess consistancy wasn’t good even in the early episodes.

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Is there knowledge as to the current resident status?

in one episode, it’s Moe’s. And didn’t Bush sr live there once, or was it just somewhere near?

I think that was on the other side of the street

I would imagine they keep that intentionally vague so characters can move in and out.

Yeah, that was across the street.

Also, wasn’t there an episode where the Power Plant was next door?

That’d be awsome if Moe’s was next door and yet Homer drove there every time, good stuff.

Everybody else.

Ruth Powers can bee seen in the background of several episodes up to and including the movie, so I presume she’s still living next door, despite running from the cops in the “Thelma & Louise” parody episode.

George H.W. Bush lives across the street.

Actually, it’s Ford.

Or a graveyard.

Lived. He moved out at the end of “Two Bad Neighbors” and was replaced by Gerald Ford, who has since died (much to Homer’s dismay, I’m sure). I doubt Jimmy Carter will move in, as some Springfieldians consider him history’s greatest monster. :smiley:

But there’s been a lot of flexible geography on Evergreen Terrace, or else people in town switch houses a lot. Reverend Lovejoy lived next door in one episode.

But does anybody know just where the van Houtens are? I know that Milhouse doesn’t live very far away. Are they the second house on the right, or second on the left? :slight_smile:

IIRC, the very back end of a long, long, huge parking lot for the power plant is next to their back yard.

Never mind the van Houtens, I wanna know where Nelson Muntz lives…he’s my hero.

Ha! ha!

She had a speaking part in the ep where Marge gets into bodybuilding, as she introduces Marge to steroids. No mention of where she was living.

He’s no hero. He just likes to hit people on the head.


Yeah, you know the screenshot from that episode? I edited a picture of that.

I remember the nuclear plant being past the back yard once - Homer had to park in the last spot, which was just past the Simpson house’s back fence.


Nobody lives across the street; there’s no houses there. Marge drove across the empty land in her Canyonero rather than sit in traffic.