Who Loves The Grateful Dead!?

I do, even got to see them once, Highgate, VT, in 1995. Great show, dont really remember much. Coulda been the Willie Nelson, coulda been the wine.

So: Love 'em or hate 'em?


How can you not like the Grateful Dead?

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There is…nothing in the world…like a Grateful Dead concert.

But that’s been said a few times already.

Love 'em. Played together - really together - like no other band.

True and true. Hey, Read Icculus, I think you are the first poster I have ever seen with a Phish song quote as your user name. Good going :slight_smile:


I Love the Dead. I’ve seen then about 110 times between 83-95, and have about 7,000 hours of live recordings on CDR. Say what you will about Deadheads and the lifestyle. For me, it’s always been about the music, especially long improvisational jams. The interaction between Phil, Bobby Jerry is exceptional.

They cover a lot of ground too. From some fine acoustic sets, blues type standards, jazz, and original material, they pretty much have a little something for everyone.

I think a lot of folks get caught up in the whole Touch Of Grey thing. They were not a pop band by any stretch. the whole 3 minute song format just didn’t do them justice.

I saw about 50 shows, mostly from 1979-1981.
First show: 5/1/77 Palladium, NYC
Last Show: 6/19/93 Soldier Field, Chicago
Most Memoriable Shows:
5/1/77 (natch)
9/2/78 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ
1/8/79 Madison Square Garden, NYC
9/6/79 Madison Square Garden, NYC
3/30/80 Capitol Theater, Passiac, NJ
5/5/81 Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY
4/13/85 Irvine Meadows Ampitheater, Irvine, CA

They have been my favorite band for 25 years. I must be getting older, however, as I listen mostly to classical music now. But even a classical music lover can appreciate the musicality of the Grateful Dead.

Yeah, they’re great!

Long-time listener. Only saw them twice, both times at RFK Stadium. Did all the before-concert parking lot parties, too. The Dead really were/are something special, and honestly, so are their fans. I was always amazed and touched by the joy and kindness I saw and experienced.

“Uncle John’s Band” makes me cry happy tears every time.

Hate 'em. Even when I’m on drugs.

{Cartman voice}

“I hate those goddam hippies. They say they want to change the world, but all they do is smoke pot.”

{end Cartman voice}

My local public radio station has a three hour Dead show every wednesday. Every year I donate $100 dollars to another show, if they promise to tell the Dead Show guy that the Dead suck and it’s just music by stoners for stoners. They agree and do it on the air.

I also own a t-shirt that has the dancing bear in a rifle sight. Underneath it says, “The Greatful Dead Suck.”

Pull your pants up, get a haircut and get a job.

Thanks, Ukulele Ike for fixing my code mistake.

Creaky: ‘He’s Gone’ has that same effect (affect?) on me. Such good timey music. The day Jerry died I was on my way to Platsburgh, NY, with my brother to get a tattoo and when I heard the news it struck me like it was my grand poppa that died. I was 15 but hey, I was no Touch-head (not that that is a bad thing)

Love 'em.

My first show was the Buffalo War Memorial in '81. I’d say '82-'88 were my prime Dead viewing years. After I moved back east in '89 I didn’t see them much except maybe once or twice a year. They only played in huge places so it was hard to get intimate if you know what I mean. The last show I saw was in Madison Square Garden not long before Jerry died. Sadly he never really got a solo off the ground and it seemed like the band just went on without him. He sang a great Terrapin, though.

Oddball venues included the Aladdin in Vegas in ‘83. They had the beefcake guards blocking the corridor between the theater and the casino. Keep those deadheads OUT!! We just went around the front. Holy cow! Check out the carpet! Awful first set and raging second set. Another wierd place was an island in the middle of the Susquehanna in Harrisburg, PA. My friend said the authorities ought to just blow the bridge. We were hangin’ out in the parking lot and the cops swarmed in with paddy wagons. OK, we’re leaving! Then there were the occasional pre-show hail and thunder storms at Red Rocks. Ouch!! They’d go on as the thunderhead, lit by the setting sun, moved out over the plains.

Their music was fantastic when it happened, and they pointed the way to a lot of really cool and different music the world over. Nowadays I don’t listen to them much except for that Dark Star on Dick’s Pick’s 4. Now that’s some playin’!

Don’t mention it. There will BE NO CODE MISTAKES in a pro-Dead thread. I give my word on this.

Creaky and jabe are getting me all teary and sentimental already, so somebody else feel free to stomp on gnoles like whistlepig and others of his ilk.

Ukulele Ike

“. . . so somebody else feel free to stomp on gnoles like whistlepig and others of his ilk.”

That’s what I like about the SDMB, if someone gets out of line, there is a moderator there to stomp on them. :smiley:

OP was, “Who loves the Greatful Dead?” Not me. Loved the “E True Hollywood Story”, though.

Have fun with your love fest.


(sarcasm mode off)

whistlepig: I get the ‘get a haircut and get a job’ part, but whats up with the ‘pull up your pants’ part?

My favorite Dead songs right now have to be ‘ramble on rose’ and ‘jack straw’ from europe 72


Whistlepig: I get the get a haircut and get a job’ part, but whats up with the ‘pull up your pants’ part?

Obscure, not very well done cultural reference. I lived in Missoula at the same time “big pants” were in and I hung out with Deadheads. Many of the college kids did cultural mixing. Plumber, frat boy in phat pants or hippie - “crack kills”.

ohhhhh I see. I though all hippies walked around with their pants around their god damned ankles or something. Thought I was missing out on the ‘in’ hippy look or something :slight_smile:


Well, I must say, Dark Star->Cumberland Blues from Dick’s Picks 11 (11/27/72) is pretty damn rocking. Whooooo!


Love 'em. Listening to DP12 right now.

I “got into” the Dead during the summer of 1995, when some ladies who lived upstairs turned me on. They did most of the tour that summer. I was going to join them at Deer Creek, but didn’t, for some reason; turns out that was the show where the people in the lot tore down the fence and crashed the show. Glad I didn’t go, in retrospect, even if it does mean I never got to see them.

I’d love to trade some shows on CD-R, if anyone is interested. I don’t have much in the way of Dead, but I have plenty of Phish, some solo Trey, and a little SCI. Give me an e-mail.

Dr. J

I love em. I started listening to them right around the time that I started smoking weed. Coincidence? :slight_smile:
I’ll never forget the one time I had just smoked one with my friend and I had red sunglasses on and he popped in a dead show on tape. It was a nice suny summer day. I’ll never forget it…