Who made dark draft beer in the USA during the 1970s?

I remember enjoying a pitcher of dark draft beer at Everybody’s Pizza in Atlanta way back in the mid 70s. Even my small hometown pizza place would occasionally have the dark stuff on tap. What dark draft beer was available in Georgia back then?

Schmidts made Prior Dark (double dark?) in the 70s. Not sure when they started making it or how far they distributed it.

I remember drinking it at pizza places in the 70s too. It was by a megabrewery, but which one is blurry. Heineken Dark would have been too expensive for broke college students like us.

I remember drinking Heineken Dark in the 70s but I couldn’t find on line when it was started. I guess they don’t make it any more? It was on draft at a place in Bloomington IL; I think it was called Schooners. That must have been about 1972? Could that be it?

It could have been Pabst Bock, or it could have been Andecker, another Pabst product - both were available in Atlanta in the 70’s.

I can’t remember when Michelob Dark came on the scene - it was available on tap for quite a while before it came out in bottles.

Lowenbrau and Tuborg were available in dark versions, but I’m pretty sure those were from the German and Danish Breweries rather than the ersatz versions brewed in North America. I also recall seeing dark St. Pauli Girl in Atlanta in those days.

It could have been Pabst Bock or Andecker - another Pabst product. Both were available in Atlanta in the 70’s.

I’m not sure when Michelob Dark came on the scene, but remember it was available for several years on tap before we saw it in bottles.

Dark versions of Tuborg, Lowenbrau, and St. Pauli Girl were all available on tap in Atlanta in those days as well.

Michelob Dark! That was it for us in SoCal. I remember feeling very upscale by drinking Michelob in those curved bottles, back before I developed a palate.


Michelob Dark and Tuborg Dark and Heineken Dark are what come to mind and remind me just how un-fraggin-sophisticated we were as beer drinkers… this would have been in Northern California, where the *ne plus ultra *was Anchor Steam imported from San Francisco.

I do cherish my memory of how good Tuborg Gold was, though.

Here in the Pacific Northwet, we had Rainier Not-So-Light(alongside Light and Light-Light).

I remember drinking Michelob Dark in the early eighties, and I imagine it was around before then. How many of us thought dark equalled good beer back then?

And then the disrupter of Henry Weinhard’ hit the scene.

Davis CA circa early 80’s

Then micro breweries were allowed to start up again and the world changed. :smiley:

Falstaff made a dark beer back then. It wasn’t a terrible beer, for a cheap draft.

In 1979, I hated Henry Weinhard when it appeared in Northern California.

Up to that point, the Blitz-Weinhard brewery had been contract brewing “Acme” beer and I could get a case of tallboys for $5. Henry’s was such a hit they stopped brewing it.

(Yeah, lousy beer but I was poor)

I don’t know what you could get in Atlanta, but in New York you could get McSorley’s. I don’t know if you could get it anywhere but at McSorley’s Old Ale House, though. They had (probably still have, for all I know) only two offerings at the bar – light (not “lite”!) or dark.

Oh, gahd, yes. I still remember the numbered batches. (“Tell shipping we need ten million ‘42’ bands!”

And Killian’s Irish Red stood proudly with the rest of the upscale selections.

Bwahahahaha. QFT

Of course, I drank rivers of Schmidt 12 pack cans for $2.19 when they weren’t on sale for $1.99. But did have the annual or maybe a little more frequently sixer of Anchor Steam (proudly owned by a Maytag heir). Mother of god has the world changed, I can get Anchor Steam at the Hyatt in Taipei these days (and will on Monday night).

Well, they hated you too:


In New England we had Narragansett Dark. It was not good. But better that regular Narragansett.

I believe Olympia had a dark version in the 70’s / 80’s. I recall my dad drinking it when I was a kid. Weinhard’s had a dark version but I think that was later in the 80’s.