Who needs drugs when you've got sleep deprivation?

I am an insomniac. I hate it. But sometimes, odd things come back to haunt me, or at least make me giggle.

Right now, I have been awake for more than 38 hours. I’m feeling okay right now; not operate heavy machinery okay, but I’m aware of what I am doing okay. Just don’t trust my reaction time.
Several hours ago, however, I obviously wasn’t quite “okay”.

You see, I dashed off a happy birthday e-mail to one of my bestest buddies - my younger brother. He’s 22 today, yay, bro! You made it this far with all of your f-a-c-u-l-t-i-e-s intact. Which is more than I can say for some of us. ie: me.

He responds, and in his response, I see my email to him quoted. It’s a normal, cheery happy birthday note from a loving big sister. Happy Birthday, hope you like what you got, my husband picked this out for you because he thought you’d like it, what did you get from Nanny, etc. Until I get to the closing line. Where the hell this came from, I have no idea. But here it is:

"**I have contacted my sources and they say hello.I will warm the buns, you send me a comminique, ASAP. ** "


What the hell was that?

So, I check my sent messages, and sure enough, I did write it. I was hoping that maybe he added something weird, or something got messed up along the way. Nope. I wrote it.

Someday, I’m going to have some wicked insomnia flashbacks. Trippy.

thanks for the laugh! I think I might have to use that as a sig line…

Wow. I am impressed that anyone could use a word like “comminique” in a sentence. Insominia or not.

Isn’t it obvious? Anastaseon IS Tyler Durden.

Isn’t it obvious? Anastaseon IS Tyler Durden.

Sleep Deprivation is cool. But it makes me crazy and prone to halucinate. Which has it’s merits. I mean there’s nothing I’ve found that stokes the fires of creativity like having all five senses making stuff up and delivering it all to a brain that’s willing to accept any signal, no matter how out of place, and work it all into a totally believed reality. Of course, this can make one extremely tedious to be around when they’ve started forgetting how to tell the difference between realities. :smiley: Rhinoceros & Weasel came from a wild insomnia/Prozac combination–I barely remember that day, but I think those were the most coherent thoughts I was able to put together at the time.

Can you do me a favor, Anastasaeon? I mean besides that… Can you do a stream of consciousness post? Right this very now? Can you do it as a short story based on a Brain surgeon? Because I really dig what your subconscious put down at the end of your missive to the bro.


And here I’ve been wondering if anyone else on these boards suffers from insomnia. Last night was the first time I slept in more than 3 days. It felt good, too.

btw, I read Fight Club when it first came out and was convinced that Palahniuk had followed me around for a few years. I had to cut waaaay back on some of my activities.

I usually sleep very well and very easily, and for at least 8 hours a night. I have been unable to get to sleep before dawn for the last seven days, and have been averaging 4 hours of sleep a night.

I think I may go on a murder rampage soon.

Sorry, Inigo - I fell asleep. :smack:

Fell asleep! Where’s your man at? I wouldn’t have let you get ANY sleep!

He actually didn’t want me to get any sleep either, since I’m supposed to wake up early tomorrow, and I said I was going to try to “loop around” - not sleep so I could set myself on a “normal” schedule. Alas, he is at work, so I snuck a nap in. I feel very refreshed. I probably won’t hit the wall again for another few hours.

Yeah…but even on the “loop around” you buzz for the next day until you get another decent night’s rest. Nap was probably your best bet. Grab some chamomile tea (Tension Tamer), stay low so you don’t get too wound up and go to bed early. Just a suggestion.

That sounds like a good idea to me. Thank you for the suggestion. :cool:

FTR - Inigo, the suggestion worked. YAY! I looped!

Well, kind of. It’s about 3:50am here. That’s good enough for me. At least I won’t be writing cryptic messages to family members without realising it.

Apologies for the triple post… but I am finally awake enough to realise a couple of other things: I didn’t know who the hell Tyler Durden was, so I looked it up. D’oh! Fight Club. Now I see why people were making references to it. :smack: I haven’t watched that movie since it first came out.

As for using the word “comminique” [sic], it probably slipped in there because it’s just one of those funny little words I’ve always kept tucked away… apparently for use during insomniatic [Webster! Rewrite!] rambles. I think I heard Mr. Burns use it, recently, which is why it could have been rattling around in my brain. Then again, there’s still the issue of contacting my sources and warming the buns. I have no sources to contact that I know of, friendly hello or not, and I have no buns to warm. Unless I was thinking of my posterior. :confused:

It’s deep, man. Deep.

I am the mistress of the “loop around.” I’m doing it right now as a matter of fact. I hope I don’t get sleepy around ten a.m. the way I usually do though. I have a lot of stuff to do that didn’t get done yesterday because I was not doing well.