Who on earth is designing the clothes for women these days?

Everything is absolutely hideous and I wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing any of it. Especially if you’re into the plus sizes. My God. Sister and I just walk through the stores and laugh at everything. It’s a good thing I have a full wardrobe in three different sizes.

Here’s my little ditty to be sung to the tune of When I’m Sixty Four.

When we get larger like we can do,
as we gain in years,
Who’s the funny person who designs the clothes?
If I find them, we’ll come to blows!

Out shopping until a quarter to three
Can’t take anymore -
Why do you clothe me as if you loathe me,
When I’m 204?

oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oooo
You’ll get larger too, (ah ah ah ah ah)
And if I have my way,
I’ll see them on you!

There on the t-shirt, it’s Micky Mouse
Or two great big lips.
Here’s another of my very special gripes -
Horizontal green and red stripes.

Going out shopping, looking for clothes,
It’s an awful chore.
Why do you clothe me as if you loathe me,
When I’m 204?

Every summer I can’t find a nice shirt that will fit me right - they are way too loud -
I’m not liking that.
They say to everyone
Look at me, I’m fat!

Gigantic flowers, kittens and bows,
That’s what’s in my size.
Making me look ugly seems to be your goal -
These shirts need a volume control!

Give me your answer, telling me why
Truly I implore -
Why do you clothe me as if you loathe me,
When I’m 204?


Well, hon, I feel you. I am tall and skinny. Sounds nice, right? Nope. I am not gonna wear what a teen wears. I don’t need no Abercrombie and Fitch. I want normal jeans and normal tops. They don’t need to be distressed or faded or cut open or frayed. I have a bunch that got that way from wearing out. They need to be longer. I don’t like clothes anyway so I am not impressed at what I see. I damn sure don’t like the price.
( the song is cute)

I agree. Being plus sized it is a real challenge to find clothes. I usually go to Woman Within online. Which is great but 79% of the stuff is hideous.

I doff my hat to you, dear lady. Your mastery of the Craft is unparalleled. :slight_smile:

Some of my online friends who, like me, are of a “certain age”, rant and rave about this occasionally. A couple of my plus-size-and-proud friends can be quite militant about “fashion discrimination” which includes having to pay more for plus size items because they use more fabric (don’t laugh, it’s true. Ditto big/tall men’s clothes).

Oh, don’t get me started with petite clothing if you’re a “certain” age either.

Or “petite plus size”, which is a lot more common than the mass market realizes. I know plenty of women both online and IRL who are. Try finding a pair of jeans which are both. It’s nearly impossible. One of my friends ends up buying a regular length plus size and going to her drycleaner’s tailor to have them hemmed.

Why do designers feel compelled to cover clothes meant for women of size with gaudy sequins, ugly appliques, or randomly applied prints? Who’s asking for this stuff? As an owner of rather large sweater puppies, the last thing I need is a bunch of sparkly stuff drawing even more attention to them. Not to mention that pretty much all of the “decorated” items I encounter are dry-clean only…there’s not even an option to hand-wash.

And on the flip side, you have women’s clothing designers who think that everything simply must be “fitted”, so when I find a garment – a jacket, for example – that fits nice across the shoulders and stomach, it’s undersized in the bust. Pretty much all of my coats came from the men’s department. The same for my pants…it seems like the only available waistlines for women’s pants are designed to fall either just above the pubic hair, or just below the band on your bra. Oh, and apparently women don’t have a need for pockets. >.<

You remind me of my mom! Have you tried Not Your Daughter’s Jeans? They’re a bit on the spendy side, but she says they’re the best jeans she’s ever worn. They hold up well, too.

Mrs SteveMB’s most frequent rant is about the useless pockets in women’s pants – she comes close to losing her phone at least every few weeks, and is having a hard time finding a replacement for a wallet that’s starting to fall apart.

…but I like sequins and sparklies… :frowning:

I came in here all pissed off at the mere mention of womens’ clothing, but that song made me laugh. Brilliant!

‘Fitted’ is brilliant, when it actually fits, and for my body type, men’s coats are even worse. May as well buy a burka and give up.

So far as I can tell, women’s ‘fitted’ stuff is designed to fit only the mythical ‘average woman’. Keep an eye out for her; she presumably has hands only 2" long, perfect size to use the average women’s pocket.

That pocket thing is ridiculous. Another beef I have with recent jeans are the sequined back pockets. That is so ugly. What am I? A rodeo/ barrel racing princess?
And I will not wear a sweatshirt with giant letters spelling PINK. I do go to the men’s department and buy t-shirts because they are longer.

Love the song.
I sew most of my clothing due to weird designers. However I purchase my jeans and outerwear from Lands End. I just checked; they have petite plus.

eshakti.com has nice clothes that they tailor to your size, measurements and style preferences (neckline, sleeve length, length). Don’t let the http://www.eshakti.com name fool you; these are not hippie-ish clothes, but modern urban fashion, fit for the office.

They’re made by workers with a livable wage and yet still very affordable.

True, I have had success at eshakti before. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the reference to Shakti. Never heard of it, but it’s exactly what I need!

Brava!! :slight_smile:

I go between a 14 and 16 and am very thankful to have catalog clothes from Talbots, LLBean, and Ralph Lauren Woman for work clothes. Why it’s so friggin difficult to find basic, well-tailored suits and collared shirts in most brick n mortar stores I don’t know.

I’m also tall (bit over 5’9") and broad-shouldered. If it weren’t for my go-to retailers I’d either be wearing hoochie mama spangly shit or a tent muumuu appliqued with giant flowers. I spend a shitload of money at Talbots and would love to give my money to other clothesmakers who understood that most large, middle-aged career ladies don’t wear sweatpants with SEXXY appliqued across the rump to work.

At least I don’t have to shop in the fat lady dept for shoes – Gucci and Joan & David are very willing to shod my size 9 hooves.

I’ve actually seen some that are done well…but they look so fragile! One of the executive-type ladies got a very elaborate beaded/sequined sweater around Christmas, and something on it came loose the first time she wore it to work. The poor lady was trailing beads and sequins all day. :frowning:

This is why I am glad my mama taught me to sew. I am about a 10-12, but am very pear shaped. If the fit is good on the top, the bottom is too tight and vice versa. On the rare occasion I find a good fit, the fabric is hideous or it is just cheaply made and won’t last past a few washings. I have about 6 dress patterns that I have altered to fit my figure, and I use them over and over with tweaks here and there to change them up.

I have an Ann Taylor suit that I adore, it is the only “set” I have ever purchased that both pieces fit perfectly in the same size.

I can buy something off the rack sometimes and make adjustments that greatly improve it. I have a couple of blouses that I really like, but only because I cut them apart and reworked them.

And I am with you on “fitted”. Pencil skirts are not my friend. I’m an A-line girl all the way.

Most people know nothing about a proper fit or how flattering and confidence boosting that can be. Everything is way too tight or sagging and bagging.

I am also not a fan of these “cold shoulder” tops everyone is wearing these days.

I should have put a line in my parody about shirts being WAY too short. Yes, 200 lb women just love clinging skinny jeans and crop tops. Yes indeedy. And darts that sit at a perky elevation that the girls haven’t been near in thirty years. And pleated and fitted to the midriff which has been steadily disproportionately expanding since the Reagan Administration. Those are swell, too. Yoicks.