Who originally sang "come on baby" Let The Good Times Roll

I know that the rightous bros did this song as well as freddie king and bb king…But who sang it originally? late 50’s early 60’s I think…help

I think the title of the song is “Let the Good Times Roll”, and was originally performed by Shirley/Lee.

At least that’s the version that appears on my soundtrack to the album “Stand By Me”.

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This is a memory WAG…

The best I can remember is a duo called ‘Shirley and Lee’ who did “Come on Baby, Let the Good Times Roll.” I believe they were Shirley Goodman and Lee Leonard. If it’s the same tume of which I am thinking, lots of folks from Roy Orbison to Nillson have done it sometime or other.

Chuck L.

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Cheers! CAL

chuckski and Arnold I do believe you are both correct…I bow to your wisdom…it was recorded by many artist and one hour of searching the internet revealed nothing for me…so thanks!

Clyde McPhatter did it in the early 50’s, but I think that may have been a cover for an earlier version by someone else.

By the way, a two CD re-release of many of Clyde’s records came out a few months ago. Produced by Arron Nevile (sp?). Title is “Forgotten Angel” I believe.

Earl King also wrote and performed an excellent song entitled “Come On Baby, Let The Good Times Roll” and Sam Cooke wrote and performed a song titled “Good Times” that featured the full line.

The famous version of Let the Good Times Roll is by Shirley & Lee. With songs of this era, however, it’s usually a bad guess that the version you’re familiar with is the original. Often several groups would cover the same tune, and only the most popular cover would go on to be remembered. It’s useful to note who actually wrote the tune, though that information is not always as handy as the singer’s name.

In this case, however, the author was Leonard Lee. The Shirley & Lee version from July 1956 was in fact the original version.