Who owns Al Franken? Not us.

Except of course that Al Franken is “a complete douchebag”.

I had no idea that all of Minnesota thought in the same regressive, insular, petty way that small towns are reputed to think.

Here’s a solution: Don’t vote for Al Franken. In fact, you should only vote for someone who was born, raised, educated in and never left Minnesota.

Hentor, this is the pit, right?

Fuck off, asshole.

I don’t think it is unreasonable to question someone’s political motives, and campaign contributor’s motives.

Obviously if he had such great support locally, why aren’t we putting our money where our mouth is? Why is less than half a million out of 3 million from the state he is running in? You don’t find that odd?

If this is such great state to Al Franken, and he only has our best interests at heart, why is he only living here now, when it is politically expedient?

It’s complete political machinations. Just like Coleman jumping the fence. For the record, I think he is a douchebag, too.

I love my small town, don’t get me wrong. It has a lot of things going right for it, a lot of things you just can’t find any where else. I was just pointing out that localism IS a factor, in my town, in the Cities, and in the state.
Did I tell you to fuck off yet?


There are entire states that think this way. My best friend’s mom moved to Montana in 1964. She says that if she was run down in the street the newspaper headline would read COLORADO WOMAN HIT BY CAR.

It may or may not be “assholish,” but in these communities it would be very shortsighted for a candidate to underestimate this type of insularity.

Poor joke. Never mind.

Ah! So, you are of Norwegian extraction, I take it?


Married to a Swede/Polack.
Don’t distract me luci. I was getting a full head of steam up, swearing and such.

Now I feel like making hotdish.

Speaking for myself, I’d vote for the candidate who is closest to me on issues, even if his or her money came from the planet Marklar. But that’s just me.

Is Mitch “Moneybags” McConnell considered beatable? I’m not from Kentucky so I’m in no position to make any informed comment about next year’s race. All I know is given McConnell’s special interest connections, acquiring said “giant piles of cash” to successfully run against him seems almost impossible.

Again, it’s very simple: Don’t vote for him. Vote your conscience, even if it consists simply of insular and provincial stuff.

Keep thinking that way, and maybe one day you’ll finally belong, too.

Franken thinks he can win in Minnesota. His outside contributors do too. Why is this somehow sinister?

Well, if he really doesn’t have that much local support then he’ll LOSE and you’ll have the pleasure of contemplating how much money out-of-state Democrats wasted on a futile endeavor.

Is there a particular lifetime Minnesotan you’d rather see on the Democratic ticket instead of Franken?

Not so much that, as I’d rather see a blandly competent candidate without the “comedian/entertainer” baggage to haul. I like Al ok, though his radio show bored me to tears. I regard Norm Coleman as an unprincipled opportunist who is likely to rediscover his populist roots at any moment now. Feh! as they say in Hibbing.

Get used to it.
I heard a story on NPR last week about a gay millionaire who is sending money (his and his friends - they’ve created a sort of Gay-PAC) to gay-friendly state and US Senate and House candidates around the country. Their outlook is that these two bodies of government do more to affect laws throughout the country (than presidential candidates), and therefore are perfectly justified in supporting candidates they want to see making those laws.

It’s not the lifetime Minnesotan thing, boys. Wellstone wasn’t from here, either, but he lived here, and worked here, and cared about here. Although localism will be a factor for being elected.
It’s the political machinations, the not so delicate feeling of being bent over and taking it up the ass just so the national Dems do what they think needs to be done. We’re a convenient swing state. Oh, and fuck you MN, don’t you dare complain about mercenary politics, you got a nationally known political hack, you should be grateful.

Did I mention I’m naive?

Uh huh.

Let me tell you a story, Hentor.

My dad’s best friend a number of years back got a promotion in the U.S. Steel company, which required him to pack up his family and move out to Gary, Indiana. He did so, but of course maintained his close ties with the Pittsburgh area where he had lived for better than forty years. Whenever he had to attend meetings at the U.S. Steel home office, he always stayed with his parents in Clairton, and he always called up my dad so they could meet up for a beer or two.

One night in 1994, they both finished up their couple of beers and headed home. My dad’s friend was headed past the Elizabeth Bridge when he was hit by another car and killed instantly. The driver of the truck that smashed into him was distraught over the death of his wife, and quite unhinged. He blew his brains out in a moving vehicle, turning it into a Ford Flying fucking Dutchman that took out a great guy with a wife and three kids.

The edition of the Post-Gazette that covered the story went into great detail about the trials and tribulations of the driver that blew his brains out. My dad’s friend, who lived in Pittsburgh nearly his entire life, graduated from Clairton High School and Duquesne University, was identified as a motorist from Valparaiso, Indiana. Only a massive outcry from his extensive family and numberless friends caused the Post-Gazette to print a followup story detailing the fact that two local guys died that day.

I’m from where you are from, and just because you yourself aren’t insular (and I’m not) doesn’t mean you can throw stones. Sorry.

Norm Coleman is from New York. Franken has frequently been back to Minnesota during his career, albeit not to live, but he did not abandon the state. Coleman, on the other hand, really is a classic carpetbagger.

Not that I care. Anyone who unseat Coileman is fine by me. I don’t care where he gets the money from. I don’t care if he’s lived his whole life in Hawaii. All that really matters is how each candidate is going to vote on bills. Franken is going to vote more often in the direction I agree with. Coleman, not so much. I couldn’t care less about any of this other stuff.

In actuality, I’m not the one who proposed that Minnesotans are insular and provincial. I actually doubt very much that they are any moreso than anywhere else. It is simply the position of the OP that his or her definition of “from” is consistent with the rest of the state, and that the state will reject an “outsider” like Al Franken.

Although, somehow they apparently have no say in the matter, and are simply forced to bend over and take it up the ass, rather than, you know, vote.

I’m sorry for your dad’s friend, but sheesh, the relevance of a reference in the paper to someone being from somewhere else is a bit of a stretch, no?

People don’t presume you are rubes. When they see that attitude they know you are rubes.

You tell me. Is Pittsburgh insular? It certainly seems more so than most other places I visit. Moreover, people from there seem to bring their loyalties with them even as they move away.

The powers that be have nothing to do with Al Franken. The powers that be hate and fear Al Franken.