Al Franken for Veep!

Proposed here. Apart from 4-8 years of “Frankenstein” jokes, I see no downside whatsoever – not in terms of a Clinton/Franken ticket’s electability, nor in terms of what to expect if he actually has to fill in as POTUS – and he’d have the best sense of humor of any POTUS since Lincoln, whose example can always be trotted out against Pub pearl-clutching on the point (one of Lincoln’s jokes ended with the punchline, “By God! Now let’s see if I can carve this turkey without farting!”).

Cite? :wink:


Of course, as Abraham Lincoln said, “The problem with things you read on the Internet is you never know if they’re true or not.”

I like Al Franken, but honestly, I don’t think we can spare anyone from the Senate. In fact, it’s taken me months, but I’ve finally decided we’re better off with Hillary in the Whitehouse and all the current Senators holding it together in the Capital Building (along with whomever we can pick up).

Is he good enough? Smart enough? Will people like him?

Also being discussed in the “Vice President predictions” thread:

Absolutely not! MN’s senators are off the table. We got a good pair, no swiping!

Don’t worry about that, the Governor, who would have to make a nomination to fill any Senate vacancy, is a Democrat, at least by Midwestern standards kindasorta. Not by Al Franken standards, but, as Al Franken would be and has been the first to admit, you can’t have everything.

:confused: :dubious: Please explain, and without reference to any “good pair.” Your “good pair” are your own responsibility.

No, we could spare yet another Minnesota Senator to become Vice-President (after HHH & Mondale).

After all, once they were elected, they would resign from the Senate, and Democratic Governor Mark Dayton would appoint their replacement. So we’d have a new, younger Democrat in the Senate.

Only if Bernie is the nominee.

Why Not Al?

I found that piece unconvincing, sorry.

I like Al Franken, but I don’t think sticking him in the VP slot does him, the campaign, or the country a real favor.

Why not?


Seriously? Because it would be too hard for most voters to take *him *seriously, given his background as a comedian and his short tenure and record of accomplishments in the Senate. The VP has to be a plausible President above all else.

And what credentials did Obama have in 2008?

From the article linked in the OP – and I know I’m risking the Wrath of Mod by C&Ping this much of the text, but apparently I can’t rely on anyone to read the thing before posting:

Yes, Al Franken is a plausible president, and I only wish he and not Clinton were the frontrunner.

He was a community organizer, didn’t you know? :wink: Without a background that would give anybody pause about his seriousness and ability, other than the melanin thing.

You may think so, but the number who need to be convinced of it runs in the tens of millions. It’s a definite drawback, and one Clinton may not be willing to spend time and political capital to overcome.

Bernie’s a better straight man.

Well maybe but from day one of his Senate career he’s put himself out as a serious man. Istm, he’s doing pretty good work. Certainly his record of Senate accomplishments compare favourably to Trump’s non-existent record and Cruz’s dubious one.

I don’t think he would want the Veep slot atm though. I get the feeling he wants to grind away at his current job for a good while.