Who "owns" the Class A IP addresses?

Who currently has the rights to the 126 Class A Ip ranges? I know that AT&T has 12.x.x.x, and that HP has 15.x.x.x and 16.x.x.x . I know that 10.x.x.x is reserved by RFC 1918. Buy who has the rest? I can’t find a Google reference at all (it just keeps giving me definitions of CIDR).

Microsoft, for one.

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Here you go

Ah, nice to see the DEC name in print once more. I assume that one is owned by HP now as well.

I work at HP, and can tell you that both the 15 and 16 class A networks are used. All of the pre-merger Compaq stuff is 16 and pre-merger 15 stuff is HP. There are eventual plans to convert everything to net 16. I heard a rumor that there was some period of time HP had to give up one of their class A ranges, due the two companies now being one (on paper), but am not sure if it is true.