Who plans to see the musical NINE?

NINE, rounded upwards from 8 1/2, is the musical version of Fellini’s film, though much has changed. I’ve never seen it on stage but I do like the cast recordings, and ‘Unusual Way’ is one of my favorite love songs (some of the ones on YouTube give spoilers so I’ll link to a Streisand version- I doubt I’m the only one who can say the lyrics strike a bull’s eye with someone you’ve known) but I can’t say I’m crazy about the Nicole Kidman version from the film. I also hate that they cut BELLS OF ST. SEBASTIAN- totally a book number but still one of my favorite- while Fergie as Saraghina singing BE ITALIAN (it’s predecessor in the play) seems to be being groomed for a showstopper.

Still, I definitely plan to see it. Daniel Day Lewis could play all three title roles in ABBOT AND COSTELLO MEET MISS JANE PITTMAN and somehow be believable in each, and of course I’m a sucker for a musical anyway, and it has Judi and Sophia. But I’m not expecting miracles for some reason.

Thoughts? Plans? Anybody see the stage play (Raul Julia or Banderas/Stamos revival or regional)?

Love the Fellini and know of the stage musical but not familiar with anything from it. Will definitely catch it, especially with the cast they’ve assembled.

ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!! It may or may not live up to the kick-ass trailer, which had my jaw on the floor the first time I saw it, but I don’t care. I love everything I’ve seen/heard so far, especially the costumes. Besides, Penelope, Nicole, Marion, Daniel, Judi, Sophia in one movie? Wow. I’m looking forward to seeing the set piece around “Be Italian” too. And I loved Chicago so Rob Marshall + musical is ok by me.

I haven’t seen 8 1/2 or the stage play.

I saw it on Broadway back just after the glaciers retreaed and the mammoths roamed no more. I vaguely recall enjoying it, and will probably go see it on screen.

(Added: 1982? It feels longer ago than that.)


8 1/2 is available on “Watch it now” on Netflix, for people like me who have to see the source material first.

Geeked doesn’t begin to describe how excited I am about this.

I’ll probably see it, but mostly because I’d have to turn in my “known lover of musicals” card otherwise. The cast looks amazing, but the advance buzz has been decidedly lukewarm.

That’s pretty much why I’m going to see it. I try to see as many musicals as I can - can’t miss this one.

That being said, I can’t say I’m all that excited. I watched the YouTube videos of Nicole Kidman, Fergie, and Kate Hudson, and while Nicole Kidman and Fergie were good, Hudson was, IMO, bordering on terrible. I don’t think her casting is as rotten as, for example, Squinty McPursedLips (aka Renee Zellweger) was in Chicago, but it’s not good, either.

Still, a musical is a musical, and so shall be seen.

I saw an advance screening last week. I liked it, though not as much as I did Chicago. I thought Fergie & Daniel Day-Lewis were both outstanding (can Day-Lewis really ever do wrong?) but the rest were a bit underwhelming. The film looks gorgeous but I could not really get into the story. There wasn’t so much as a *plot *as there was a situation, i.e. “famous director does not know how to start his next film.”
In the film’s defense though, let me add that I was a bit tired before I got to the screening so I will freely admit that I was not in the best of minds to see it, and if I had seen it at another time I may have been much more receptive. Because of that I may actually try to see it again once it’s opened.

Good enough for me! Add at least a couple of really good songs, a smattering more of decent songs, freakin’ fantastic costumes, actors I’d want to look at even if they were standing there reading the phone book, dancing, at least some great scenery (that scene of the car on the cliff from the trailer), and glitter being tossed around, and, even if the movie isn’t as good as Chicago or Moulin Rouge or other musicals I love, it sounds like a good time at the movies to me.

I’m dying to see it, and I’m working on trying to convince my fiance to join me. I keep saying things like “Kate Hudson!” and “Nicole Kidman!” but he hasn’t caved yet. I’m working on it. If not, I’ll see it by myself!

You clearly haven’t tried “Penelope Cruz!” yet. :wink:

Or Judi Dench.:smiley:

Sophia Loren is I think basically a cameo, but she is easily the most gorgeous 75 year old in history (and claims she hasn’t had any cosmetic surgery done [though she does dye her hair and use makeup and support bras of course]). While she’s not as sexy as she was 40 years ago, I think in many ways she’s prettier- she looks happier.

While I LOVE Penelope Cruz, my fiance isn’t so keen on her. His favorite actresses are all blondes. I guess that since he’s got a brunette at home, he likes to look at the blondes he doesn’t have? I don’t know…

I think I might mention that the “chick from Public Enemies” is in it. He liked that movie…

Was it on “Broadway”? I lived in NYC back in 1978 & 79 and remember walking by a theater with NINE that was on Christopher Street. Maybe that was a pre-Broadway version? Tommy Tune was starring in it back then. I didn’t go see it, but recall talking to a friend who saw it and liked it a lot. The show was there for a long time.

Back to the OP - yes, we will most certainly go see it! First of all, we love musicals (some Gay stereotypes really are true) and secondly, how can you not want to see a show with that cast, no matter how good/bad the show is?!

Yes, the original production played at the 46th Street Theatre (now the Richard Rodgers) from 1982-1984. I can’t find any info that it played elsewhere 3 years earlier, however there was a production of Cloud 9 that was directed by Tommy Tune that played the Lucille Lortel Theatre in 1981 until 1983. Perhaps that’s what you’re thinking of?

I convinced him to go! Okay, so not so much convincing as I won a bet and the terms were if I won, he would have to go with me to see Nine. (If I lost, I would have to clean the hamster’s cage.) But I knew I was right and I win!

I saw Nine on Broadway with Raul Julia and Anita Morris back in the early 80’s. I still have the Playbill and a T-shirt. I am a hopeless packrat. I loved going to Broadway shows back then. I can not imagine Daniel Day Lewis singing.:dubious:

I was curious about that myself.

DDL singing Guido’s Song

Thank you! I always forget about youtube.:smack: