Who reads Straight Dope-any Muslims?

Can you get the straight dope on Straight Dope? Who reads and replies here? My guess the Muslim population doesn’t. I would guess it is read mostly by Christians that rarely attend church, agnostics and aethiests…mostly caucasian, and probably mostly men over between 30-40. The demographics on higher education–haven’t a clue! So, how did I do? And if I am correct, then how can you get the straight dope when it comes to religious/political questions? So give me the Straight Dope and reveal who you are.


I second Operation Ripper: Getting demographic information for who watches a TV show is hard enough. Getting it for who posts to an anonymous message board? Fuhgeddaboutit.

That said, I think there are Muslims who post here, and people who understand Islamic doctrine, culture, and history. Johanna and Tamerlane are your best bets if you want to understand the Islamic world.

Go and read through the threads in Great Debate. That’s where religious conversation end up.

There have been a number of polls about age. It runs from about 16 to into the 70s.

Gender? We gots both kinds, and some mixes in between.

Well, you’re in the wrong forum. (A mod will be along soon to move you to the correct one, I’m sure.) that’s strike one
We frown on racism, and bigotry, so there’s strike 2
We are a very eclectic group. We have liberals, conservatives, straight men, shraight women, gay men, gay women, teenagers, old folks (like me, I’m 60), college students, bus drivers, university professors, doctors, lawyers, deadbeats (but not many, since it’s a pay site), military people, genius’, common folk, pretty people, fat people, thin people, short people, not so many tall people (kidding), and lots more that I couldn’t think of right now. So, no you’re pretty much wrong, down the line. What we don’t have, because we don’t tolerate them, are jerks.

That would be your third out. Thanks for playing, play again soon. :smiley:

Seriously, if you aren’t a jerk, you’re very welcome here.
You can’t compare us to any place else online. We type using real words, but, most of the time, the grammar nazis will be gentle if you are trying. We are civil to each other (for the most part) even when we disagree. We try to keep topics in their proper places. The different forums have slightly different rules, so, go to ATMB and read the stickies, to get up to speed.

Hope you enjoy your visit enough to join us.

Why should it matter what the overall demographics of the SDMB are? There are nearly 60,000 members here. Any given question only requires one excellent answer, and a Debate can be Great even if involves only a few people.

Last year there was a thread titled Ask the Shi`a Nizari Ismaili Muslim Woman, started by a highly-respected Doper who is not Caucasian, not male, and not between 30 and 40, but does also happen to be an expert on Astronomy.

The city in which I currently live has a population of about 70,000, a majority of whom are Caucasian, and a majority of whom are male (Caucasian males are a minority however). Yet, there are 15 Indian restaurants here, many of which are excellent. One doesn’t need to be in a majority to make one’s mark on a community, and the SDMB is proof of this.

And she’s an excellent cook.

You forgot “people who can form plurals correctly”. :wink:


Since no factual answer is very likely, let’s move this to IMHO.

samclem General Questions moderator

It’s not necessarily racist or bigoted to ask for demographic information, is it? It’s both a matter of curiosity (I’d love to know more about the folks here myself) and a matter of genuinely different biases. If we were all middle-aged, white Christian men with loose religious beliefs, it would be hard to deny that there would be a certain slant, however slight, to our viewpoints.

But we’re not. So what’s wrong with trying to find out who we actually are?

What? No Indian Chiefs?

I’m Muslim.

Hey you guys, stop pickin’ on me… :smiley:

KlondikeGeoff, I wanted to stay away from any hint of racism, and Native American Chief was too long and would have had to be explained to someone. :smiley:

Reply, you’re right, I was just put off by the undertone, I guess. I could have misinterpreted. I apologize.

…And, at least, one who can’t. :smiley: It wasn’t so much that I didn’t know how to pluralize genius, I just didn’t do it. (I could say, I just didn’t want to, but that wouldn’t be true.
I don’t know how I put an apostrophe at the end, it wasn’t intentional. All I can say, is it was getting close to my bed time.

I’m a liberal, practicing Muslim (the one who started the linked thread in fact). I don’t often post to the threads on religion, mainly because the debates tend to get exceedingly heated, but I am around, and I do contribute to various topics.

BTW – thanks for the compliments – they’re much appreciated! :slight_smile:

That’s straight women who have been knocking back the martinis all day.

And plenty of grammar and spelling Nazis. :wink:

Agnostic/atheist - check
Caucasian - check
Male - check
30-40 - Nope, 40 - 50

Today I made iced tea. So now you know the Dope has at least one extremely talented iced tea chef.

What an odd OP. I suspect alcohol was involved.

I wanted to get a better impression of the demographics of people who write into Straight Dope. It seems after having read and participated for a few weeks that there are some who regularly kibbutz between each other…obviously have for some time…and sometimes these tit for tats wander off the topic. I have never participated in something like Straight Dope before, having been told about the site by a friend who was told by another friend and so it goes. My time is about up and I am not sure I want to continue with Staight Dope, although there have been some moments of amusement. A lot of the questions do not seem to be well thought out or researched using search engines as if they had, the question probable would not have be posed.

I am afraid I do not know what OP means. I assume this comment was made about me. If it was, let me say that my wife died 6 years ago. I grieved for her for over 5. She was an alcoholic that I am sure had a compromised liver from years of cardiac drugs. It is a long story, but the point is what may seem like a harmless remark isn’t necessarily harmless.

About me: I just turned 60. I am caucasian; not religious; extremely tolerant; liberal; university educated; mostly a greenie having worked for the forest service for many years as an agrologist/ecologist.