Who *really* started the "eight spiders" myth?

This video:

Looking for Lisa Holst

made me want to know, where did the “people swallow 8 spiders per year” myth come from? Also, is snopes.com generally trustworthy? I’m going with yes, but I prefer Cecil, of course.

(I do know that the Straight Dope staff already addressed this myth here.)

Snopes is okay, but SD is better, mainly for the reason Grey says about pop-unders (I block those) and not selecting text.

At the end, he mentions the Mr. Ed Zebra story as fake (which it is). However, that is explicitly listed under “Lost Legends” whereas this story is under “Science > Statistics.” As far as I know, it isn’t an intentional error on their part, as it seems they keep the TROLL stories isolated. Whether they screwed up another way is another story.

Edit: There is a “PC Pro” magazine, but wikipedia says it’s from 1994.