Who remembers 1970s style Cadburys chocolate spread?

There are many chocolate spreads available now, and they’re all OK. However none comes near in deliciousness to the only type I remember being able to get when I was a kid; Cadburys’. It came in a flattish plastic tub and had the appearance and texture of Marmite. Flavourwise it was like sweet dark chocolate; no hazlenut mixed in. If you spread bread thickly with margerine and then chocolate spread and then folded it in half; gaaaahhhh, slobber…

I haven’t seen it for years. I would seriously walk 10 miles barefoot to get a tub. Does anyone else remember this stuff, and know why The Man won’t sell it to me anymore?

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ouch! stop it! OK, I’m leaving!

I am a little disappointed in the members of this board that it took nearly 20 hours for that reference to come up.

Yup, I remember the stuff - dark, smooth and not overly sweet. there are dark chocolate spreads available out there nowadays, but I haven’t tried them.

Do you remember something called ‘honey bear spread’? - Which was some kind of honey-flavoured spread for sandwiches and toast (although I’m not sure why we didn’t just use honey).

wasnt there a marsh mallow spread? I’m sure I remember in in the distant past but I havent seen it for years.

Do you remember the chocolate peanut butter and chocoalte peanut butter/jelly ina jar combos? Those were in the late 70’s early 80’s as I recall. They had funny labels, obv. geared towards kids.
Today it’s Cost Plus Chocolate hazelnut spread on fresh waffles, folded and eaten…Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

‘Marshmallow Fluff’ IIRC - I think I first saw it in the late 80s or early 90s - it was evil stuff, not unlike that expanding polyurethane foam filler you can buy in cans - get it on your hands and you’re done for…

I’m pretty sure that marshmallow fluff is still around, or was until very recently.

Yes yes yes! That stuff was DIVINE.

Tarry, rich, chocolatey, shiny. Like a chocolate version of Marmite. Spread thick on hot toast and butter, watch it melt even more. The crisp toast, the slight salty hit of the butter, the smooth sinful darkness of the chocolate spread. Or, as you say, folded in a piece of soft white bread, insulated with margarine, it would hold its moisture until lunchtime, and then explode into the mouth when you bit into it… oh, the nostalgia! You could buy it in a jar, or in a big plastic bucket.

I bought some new Cadbury’s chocolate spread a couple of years ago to recapture the magic, but they’ve wimped it out - it’s just like bloody Nutella now.

Fuck yeah!!! I’m against multiple exclamation marks, but this merits their use!!!

I was thinking of mentioning it, as the tub was similar, but flatter, but I thought it would be way too obscure. I wasn’t even sure if it was a national or just a local product (I lived in Ross-shire at the time). I like honey, but there was something about that which was special, and probably now unobtainable.

Nutella works just fine for me.

OTOH, the best chocolate spread i’ve ever had was in Belgium. It was rich, creamy, dark and oh-so-chocolatey… it spreads on toast so smooth ::slurp::
I still curse myself for not memorising the name :smack:
It came in a small bottle with a purple label. I was told it was expensive (as chocolate spreads go)…

G. Odoreida Kroger still sells the honey bear spread :wink:

Goober Grape? They have strawberry, too, but I don’t ever remember chocolate.

Fluff still exists. I’m 32 and enjoyed one just last week.

I remember this stuff in the early to mid 70’s-I thought it was called “Google”. Anybody else remember?

I remember that stuff. Basically, it was flavored peanut butter. Came in vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon.

And banana. I forgot banana.

I saw Jif Smooth Sensations at the grocery store yesterday.

I remember “Google”. It was made by Kraft. I had a neighbor that was a salesman for Kraft and we got lot’s of samples. The Bananna was the best.

I’d be marching right beside you on that walk :slight_smile:

I’ve been keeping an eye out for that lovely, dark, runny chocolate spread for ages.

If you ever find it - Please be sure to post back here… :stuck_out_tongue:

Pauliolio, I think this is the closest anyone got to finding it…

I was beginning to think I was alone in longing for the delicious glossy rich chocolate spread of my youth. I can’t even find a photo on line of the plastic tub it came in. Please Cadbury bring it back because the terrible Nutella style pastes are terrible