Who remembers phone numbers? WORST XMAS EVAH!

When your daughter and grandkids are due by 10am, but no phone call to pick them up from the station, and the hours go by, and you start panicking that something really awful has happened and you try ringing other contact numbers but nobody picks up…

And they finally roll in the door by 2.45pm and the phone got lost in a cab last night hence why no call :smack:

Please peeps, please have a little note in your purse/wallet with emergency phone numbers. I know we don’t remember numbers anymore, but phones DO get lost, and your loved ones really do love you and they sometimes DO go into mad-mumma-mode when you are out of range.

Either that, or memorize my fucken phone number bitch. Simples.

Merry fucken Christmas.

Seems a but odd. If she had lost the phone the night before… why not email you last night or this morning?

Anyway, pretty much no excuse not to have your contacts synced to the cloud these days if you have a smartphone.

At least they’re safe. Count your blessings Momma-bear. It’ll be ok.

Yeah, but you need a phone or device to access them, right?

Just have a list of numbers in your wallet. Really, just do it.

It is now. I’m considering digging her up from the backyard where I buried her an hour or so ago, but I might just wait a bit, just to be safe.


You’re funny. I laughed outloud. I glad everyone is safe.
My DIL called me one day to ask what my sons phone number. I couldn’t believe she didn’t know her own husband’s number. She knew mine. Amazing. Her phone was dead and she was calling from her office. It’s a good idea to have a few numbers written on actual paper, young people. I’m talking to you.

I have relatives that don’t know their own cell phone numbers …they just have me put it in and just hit contacts………

I don’t know, maybe I am some kind of super genius, but all the important phone numbers I need to know. I know.

Not fun. Almost 5 hours is a long time in these circumstances :frowning: .

I don’t know how old you are but I’m 44 and the time when we all knew at least 15-20 phone numbers by heart doesn’t seem so long ago. Smartphones have made me lazy but I still have about a dozen in my permanent memory.

I made my kids memorise my phone number. They are always forgetting their phones, losing their phones, forgetting to charge them, and it’s saved them many times to be able to call from someone else’s phone

I literally only know one phone number now: my sister’s land line. That’s it, unless you count Jenny’s. :wink:

I now remember only about 4 or 5numbers by heart; one of the 4 is my childhood number I’ve not called for more than 44 years!

I wanted a cellphone number easy to memorize but numbers with, e.g., triple 9 are very expensive here. I explained this problem to the salesgirl who offered me, for only $13 or so, one of her several personal numbers, easy to memorize since it had four 0’s. For several months I got occasional hang-ups from confused males calling my number. :rolleyes:

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I’m older than you are, but I was never particularly good at memorizing numbers. I probably had only five to ten memorized at the time. Of those, I can still call my friend’s family in Salt Lake City, my mother’s old home number (but someone else would have that number), my sister, my deceased grandmother’s old number, and a few other numbers. Except for my sister, it’s all worthless.

I made myself manually dial my wife’s number enough until I could memorize it. I never bothered with our seldom used landline and I have no idea anyone else’s number.

I wouldn’t have a clue what my landline number is. Now that my mother is dead no one ever calls me on it (apart from scammers) and I rarely call anyone.
Apart from that my head is full of passwords to various sites- (can’t remember too much).

Our previous landline was the same as a large local discount pharmacy - with two digits reversed. I ended up remembering their number as it was easier than promising people that their prescriptions were ready and to come and get themafter they called me.

The only phone numbers I have memorized are our number from when I was growing up (which I not only haven’t called in 30-ish years but the house of which nobody in our family has owned for more than a decade), my cousin’s number (because it was one digit off from that old family number), our old landline that we no longer have for this house, my own cell number, and my work switchboard number.

If your synced to the cloud, then any internet connection. For Apple, you just go to icloud.com and your contacts are there. Also “find my iphone”, etc.

I only know three: my personal cell number, the landline for my mom’s house where I grew up, and a pizza place that went out of business twenty years ago.

I too know 3. My sister’s LL (not that I’ve rung it since forever), my GRANDMOTHER’s LL, she went into care forty years ago, and my mobile #.

BUT, I do have a little scrap of laminated card in my wallet with phone numbers if my phone goes walkabout.

I still have a few memorized from that ancient era before cell phones. A lot of them are now long-obsolete (people who have moved multiple times since then, or even died), but the most important one is my mom, who still has the same landline number as when I was growing up (it’s not technically a landline any more, but it still makes the phones ring that are hanging on the walls and wired up).

Sure, but how hard is it to memorise 911?