Who remembers Zoobilee Zoo?

This was my favorite show when I was 7! It is the show that made me want to act and sing and dance! Whazzat Kangaroo was my favorite character. My parents thought it was retarded and proof that Ben Vereen’s career was over.

So, people who remember this show, what do you think? Great nostalgic part of your childhood, or worse than Barney?

OMG! I remember this show! But I didn’t remember that I remembered until I clicked on your link! I liked Wazzat Kangaroo the best!

Definitely nostalgia! Nothing is worse than Barney (except maybe the Teletubbies).

I remember it. I think it was on in the morning in between Bozo and Xuxa. It was a wild show.

You are PURE, UNADULTERATED, EVIL!!! I DO remeber that show, one b4 “Today’s Special!”

How about a steel cage match between the Zoobilee Zoo and the New Zoo Review?

My daughter watched it. An underrated show (not up with Today’s Special, but pretty good nonetheless). You could see Vareen taped all his segments at once and rarely appeared on the set with the rest, but I did like Bravo Fox’s channelling Ed Wynn.

Hell, I watched it! I had the flu or something and happened across the show while channel-surfing. I was living with one of my brothers at the time and he didn’t have cable; this show was more interesting than anything else on at the time. And that cute little Whazzat Kangaroo cheered me up a bit.

Yeah, I know. I’m weird.

Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh (the sound of Sideshow Bob stepping on a rake)

Really digging deep to discover the foundations of my scarred psyche… and there sits Zoobilee Zoo.

Gahhh. I thought I’d finally rid my mind of this accursed show! Alas, I used to watch it with my little sister.

The theme song’s going to be in my head all day now. Possibly followed by a bullet.

When I was little, I bought one of those little rubber animal noses from a children’s shop. I wore it around the rest of the day, when my parents and I were visiting a different town. Some teenager made fun of me, and although I felt like a grade-A buffoon, I didn’t take off the nose. I had Zoobilee Zoo to thank for putting the notion into my head that dressing up as an animal was cool.

That show scared the crap out of me.

Much as “The Wiggles” does now. Something about four fully grown Australian men singing about “Fruit Salad… yum yum” bothers me.

Interestingly, New Zoo Revue was one of my favorite shows when I was about 3 or 4. I have no idea when it was originally on but I am assuming it was already old by the time I saw it in the early 80’s.

Zoobilee Zoo…Zoobilee Zoo…Magic and wonder are waiting for you…

Was Whazzit Kangeroo the one played by Cree Summer, of “A Different World” fame? Yeah, I remember her. She makes a grip doing voices. She was the voice of Elmyra from “Tiny Toons” and I heard her voice recently on “The Proud Family”.

Can you tell I’m a six-year-old in a 26-year-olds body?

I also remember Ben Vereen’s character.

Why does it seem like everything was hazy on that show? Like it was someone’s dream (or acid trip)?

She’s also the voice of Suzy on Rugrats.

I forgot about that show! My son used to love it.

I don’t know who has been playing Whazzat in the direct-to-video episodes but Louise Vallance was the one who played her on TV.

Also credited as Stevie Vallance – and has done a LOT of voice work. I – sad confession time – watched it with my daughter when I was in my mid-twenties and actually enjoyed it. I also always wanted to see what Whazzat looked like without her costume – she was gorgeous, I now know, thanks to the internet.

I like this bit from her website.


Talkatoo Cockatoo always reminded me of the Chicken Lady from the Kids in the Hall.