Who’s been vaccinated?

I also got my second Pfizer shot today.

Only side effect from my 2nd Pfizer yesterday morning is sore arm. So far nothing else. :crossed_fingers:t4:

My FitBit tells me I took an hour and a half nap yesterday afternoon. I have NO memory of that…

I’ve spent ten minutes each morning using Pennsylvania’s vaccine site to try to secure an appointment. The site is buggy as hell, and doesn’t save any info. Each use requires entering all your data before it will check for a vaccine, and each location is checked separately.

This morning I hit gold. I have an appointment this Friday, an hour and ten minutes drive away. I’m so fucking stoked.

Anyone lease get theirs at a RiteAid pharmacy?

Yay! Good for you!

When you talk about this with people, it feels like (not that I know personally) buying on the black market.

“Oh yeah, go to the alley behind the Rite Aid at 9:15 am and look for a guy in a tan raincoat who’s not wearing a hat. If he’s wearing a hat, get out of there fast. When hatless man asks you if you need a watch for your dad’s birthday, tug on your left earlobe, and say, ‘He’ll only wear a Timex.’ When the dude opens the back door, move fast! And don’t talk to anyone.”

I’m actually experiencing feelings about this. I’ve been an essential worker all this time and hoped to get vaccinated ASAP. For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic I feel like I might make it.

(archive this post for use should I contract and die from COVID-19 tomorrow)

This is a common problem with trackers. If you sit still and are relaxed, it can track a nap.

Used to happen to me a lot at movies.

I likewise don’t remember sitting still for an hour and a half. I’ve had this FitBit for three years and that’s never happened before. I think it’s more likely that aliens took over my body for a spell…yeah… that’s the ticket. :alien:

You describe my experience in Nebraska perfectly. How did you know?

I got my first dose last Thursday. Then I started trying to find an appt for my dear sister in Iowa, the next state east of me. Because we desperately want to be able to see each other before 2021 is over, it’s already been more than a year and we long for a hug but safely.

I’ve been trying several times a day for her. Last night, because a fellow Doper* alerted me that a grocery store chain had opened appts just then for the first time in her city, I was able to go on line, crouched in my bed at midnight and score an appt for her. Then this morning I called her and said “Jan, if you get over to your Hy Vee at 9:45am, you have a vaccine dose waiting for you.” She still can’t believe it, but she’s heading over there.

*you gotta love The Dope and I do!

Of course the online processwas poorly planned and executed, you had to have a device that worked, you had to have internet access and you had to know how to use both. Then after you labor through filling in the blanks and hit send, you get told, “oh, by the way, you have to own a printer and know how to print and bring this form with you”. Not every 70 year old has all that hardware and abilities and the process is designed and implemented ass-backwards: you can’t go back in and confirm anything. It’s all magic, you just have to believe. I’m going to cry if I got my sister’s hopes up, she drives over to her Hy Vee and something has fallen through. It is just like Thelma described-buying a black market Rolex in a dark alley from sketchy strangers who do not have your best interests in mind and, oh, by the ways, you’re also arranging it from 300 miles away.

iT’S biLL gAteS TracKinG cHip in teH vacCiNe!! /s

I’m taking my mom for her first shot tomorrow. She’s 83 and super-excited. :smiley: I’ll let everyone know how she does. She’s relatively healthy and doesn’t usually have reactions to things.

I’m 71 and I was so relieved afterwards, I was positively giddy when I walked back to my parked car and sat down behind the wheel. I sat there for 5-10 minutes just enjoying the happy and giddy and relief. Did not expect that.

Now, that’s a side effect to report! Hope you are still feeling well!

I’m feeling a teeny bit achy and feverish, but maybe that’s the power of suggestion. Or maybe it’s the fault of the aliens. Thanks for checking in with me, J_J. :slightly_smiling_face:

I got the vaccination in September as a participant in the Pfizer-BioNTech trial–I was pretty sure by the reaction that it wasn’t the placebo. But because it’s a double-blinded study, they couldn’t give me a vaccination card.

Now I need to travel next month, so I had to ask to be unblinded in the study in order to get the card. I went to the trial offices, got my card, and the last check-- :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face: But they still want me to continue the “Covid e-Diary,” which is five bucks a week, so I’m not complaining.

I got my first shot yesterday! Easy-peasy, no waiting. Took about 25 minutes from the time I arrived until the end of my 15 minute wait.

One of my daughters gets hers today and my wife is fully vaccinated – she’s an essential worker, so was earlier on the list. Both of my parents are fully vaccinated. I still have two unvaccinated kids, but they’re pretty far down on the list.

I got a card, and it looks like those really old vaccine cards. Pretty funny.

My husband and I are going in for our second Moderna shots this morning. I hope we get to skip the side effects.

I thought the same thing, and thought perhaps my side effects were due to an anti-placebo effect from all the warnings given to me in advance of the 2nd Moderna shot.

Whatever was going on last night, I feel fine this morning. Better than fine. I feel positively perky. And that is not like me.

@Jackknifed_Juggernaut you are completely over your side effects by now, right?

Had 2nd dose of Moderna vaccine yesterday. This morning felt feverish but ibuprofen cured that. After the 1st dose had a headache the next morning, also cured by ibuprofen.

Yes, thanks. But what I didn’t report is that I didn’t feel 100% normal until Day 6. I know that I said I was fine after 3 days, but something just wasn’t right - was a bit weak and sluggish. On Day 6 it hit me that now I truly feel right. Weird, I know.

Had my second shot of the Moderna vaccine last Thursday. No real side effects to report, save for a sore arm and fatigue. However, I had insomnia the night before, so that might have been the culprit.

This is the first time I’ve admitted that I got the shots in social media, because I’m a little self-conscious about it. I’m not a healthcare worker, or a teacher, or over 65. And like everywhere else, my state is having problems with supply. I should have been way down the list. Don’t really know how I got the appointment; my sister made it for me when she was scheduling vaccinations for my parents and for her. They’re over 75, and she lives with them, so I suspect she put herself and me down as caretakers. Somehow, she was able to get all these appointments scheduled in early January, so now our whole family’s been vaccinated; my wife got her second jab about a week before mine.

ETA: My wife got her shots through our county board of health, but mine were administered by a Publix pharmacist.