Who’s REALLY to Blame for the US-China Trade War? (YouTube video)

Thought I’d post this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBDoCTgVpk4&feature=em-uploademail) from the folks at China Uncensored in case anyone is interested. Basically, it talks about who is mainly to blame for the current US/China trade wars (hint: The CCP thinks it’s the US ;)), as well as going into some discussion about why it’s a complex question. For anyone who has been following along with this, nothing in the video will come as any sort of surprise. But if you haven’t been, or just like the channel it’s worth a watch, IMHO.

I doubt anyone will want to discuss it (or perhaps even watch it), but if anyone wants to discuss in an IMHO sort of way the trade war or China’s trade practices then here is a thread for that.

George H.W. Bush is to blame. He was our first envoy to communist China and opened the door to exploitation of US dollars for the benefit of the Chinese and his rich pals.

Well, ironically one could make a case that the US is to blame because we were the ones who really pushed for China to be in the WTO and also pushed for them to be allowed to trade more freely in the first place. However, that’s going back a bit further than the current situation, and is also a bit more nuanced than you are making it out to be with the ‘rich pals’ quip.

I thought that it was Richard Nixon that went to China. As far as exploitation goes, I think what exploitation there is is on the Chinese side. We’re able to buy iPhones because some guy in China is making what we would consider slave wages here in the USA. But if those iPhones were being made here the process would either be much more automated or depend on higher payed employees. Either way we would probably be paying several thousand dollars for an iPhone and much higher prices all kinds of other things that are made in China as well. Maybe some disgruntled Trump voter in Michigan might have a minimum wage job at the iPhone factory, but overall the US consumer would lose out.

To make a long winded answer short, the blame lies with Trump and his trying to appear to do something to help the unemployed and underemployed blue collar workers. A trade war will actually hurt them and everyone else as well, but for some reason they think they will benefit even when it’s obvious they won’t. Just ask the guys at the Harley factory in Wisconsin that recently closed. I’ve read interviews of former employees that still support Trump and his trade war. It makes no sense, but there you have it.

Trump started the trade war. He had no reason to start a trade war, and the trade war will only harm the interests of everyone.

Replace the word “trade war” with anything else, and it would still be clear that it is Trump’s fault. Secondary is Congress not taking away his power to start these trade wars. (Just more proof that Republicans no longer stand on principles.) To go back further, it becomes the people who voted for Trump’s fault, but that’s getting too far afield. Not even they probably predicted an actual trade war.